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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1200: The Venerated One

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Befuddlement filled the eyes of Du Guxun and his friends when they looked at that skyward radiance. They didnt understand what was going on and why the venerated enforcer had been disturbed for no reason at all.

One had to know that though theyd destroyed Zhuo Bufans faction in the alliance, Zhuo Bufan and his crew had done the same to them before! Incidents like these happened all the time and the venerated one had never cared about them before. How dare Zhuo Bufan call upon him now

Though the venerated enforcer wasnt one of the kings in the alliance, he wielded absolute authority in the Enforcer Alliance. In fact, he dared execute even the children of the kings. There were a hundred and eight kings, but only one venerated enforcer. The venerated one was their spokesperson.

A faint figure slowly walked out of a patch of scintillating brilliance. It looked like a young man of eighteen years with loose hair floating easily behind him. He wore clean white robes and didnt look too eye-catching. In fact, he was rather ordinary and no one would spare him a second glance in the middle of a crowd.

However, he exuded a commanding presence that sent chills down ones back. The venerated enforcer, the greatest of the alliance beneath a titled king!

There were even some who suspected that he was strong enough to be a king, that he only needed to attend his conferment ceremony.

“What is it” He floated down to a standing position in front of Zhuo Bufan and the others, who hastily bowed to express their respect.

“Greetings to the venerated one!” Zhuo Bufan took a deep breath, recalling what Lu Yun had transmitted to him earlier. “In response to the venerated one, this subordinate received orders to investigate the Dubiety Realms destruction. Some progress has been made.”

“Oh” The venerated enforcer raised an eyebrow. “You can just make your report at the Hall of Enforcement for something as minor as this. Why disturb me” He regarded Zhuo Bufan with an unpleasant look.

“There is another matter,” the good-for-nothing soldiered on doggedly. “Someone has meddled with the chaos sun and moon in the lower realm and ignited a chaos tribulation. Almost all of the chaos creatures died in it. This subordinate wanted to present these findings, but Du Guxun and his men obstructed me in every possible way upon my return. They even mobbed me earlier to attack me. Please look into this matter, oh venerated one.”

“What! Someones meddled with the chaos sun and moon!” The venerated enforcer jerked his head up and peered at where the chaos sun hung high in the purple sky, an ugly expression spreading across his face.

At his level of skill, he could naturally discern that the energy within the sun had been fully discharged, as if a chaos tribulation had just taken place. However, it was hardly time for one to erupt, and he hadnt noticed any of the necessary changes that wouldve taken place beforehand.

Since the chaos sun and moon were located in the second realm, no Hongmeng expert would detect a chaos tribulation taking place as they were in different planes.

“Indeed!” Zhuo Bufan nodded. “In the chaos, this subordinate executed Evilfox of Cangmang Mountain and four unidentified Hongmeng beings for unauthorized entry. I was about to make a report, but this group continuously blocked my way. I humbly beseech the venerated one to make a full investigation!”

It felt like a bolt of lightning had struck Du Guxun and the others. When theyd destroyed Zhuo Bufans faction in the organization, theyd never thought that he was absent because he was in the chaos!

Commonly regarded as trash, how had the dandy of a second generation been sent on such an important mission If theyd known beforehand, they wouldnt have dared block his way no matter what, much less beat him up!

As he relayed his encounter, Zhuo Bufan presented Evilfoxs body and the heads of Huo Zongxing and the others. The venerated enforcers face darkened even further.

“All of you, get out of my sight. There will be no mercy shown the next time you interfere with the law being carried out!” he shouted at Du Guxuns group.

“Our deepest gratitude!” They scrambled away, having been pardoned from certain grave punishment.

Zhuo Bufan smacked his lips. The venerated one was equitable and just, he hadnt hoped that the revered enforcer would actually do something about his rivals. Though his good friends had all received missions that took them away from headquarters, leaving Zhuo Bufan fighting a solo fight for the moment, Du Guxun and his cronies would certainly openly avoid him for the time being.

“To think that youd dare personally venture into the chaos for your investigation! Your courage is commendable, so I will record a satisfactory accomplishment under your name.” The venerated enforcer nodded at Zhuo Bufan.

“Thank you, oh venerated one!” Zhuo Bufan bowed again.

“You should cease using untoward and unorthodox methods against your enemies in the future. If you wish to defeat them, prevail over them in proper ways. You are dismissed.” The venerated enforcer waved a hand and vanished along with Evilfoxs corpse and the four heads.

“This subordinate will commit these words to heart,” Zhuo Bufan breathed a slight sigh of relief, then chuckled ruefully and transmitted to Lu Yun, “Young master, your plan worked very well!”

“That venerated enforcer is no ordinary person,” Lu Yun and the little fox also breathed more easily. They hadnt even dared think too loudly just now, terrified as they were that the mighty expert would see through them.

Thankfully, the heavyweight hadnt paid attention to them from beginning to end. Unexpected tampering with the chaos sun and moon had preoccupied all of his thoughts.

that had also been within Lu Yuns expectations. If Zhuo Bufan hadnt summoned the venerated enforcer, hed calculated that the only possible outcome would be Du Guxun killing him and the little fox, then Zhuo Bufan being beaten to within an inch of his life.

The scions of kings didnt care about two black robes; neither did the venerated enforcer. All of Zhuo Bufans men wouldnt have been murdered if that hadnt been true.

“Lets go, well take the transportation formation to Starcloud City!” Zhuo Bufan hastily proposed. Lu Yun and the little fox were so incredibly weak that any Hongmeng expert could erase them from existence by simply breathing on them. He wanted to get them to the city as quickly as possible, so that people he trusted could envelop them in a cocoon of safety. Only then would he be at ease.

“Zhuo Bufan!” the venerated enforcers voice suddenly sounded in his mind. He stumbled with fright and almost planted his face into the ground.

“Yes, venerated one!” Zhuo Bufan answered with trepidation and recovered his balance.

“When your two friends have the ability to protect themselves, have them visit Hopeless Major in the Valley of Ten Evils.” With that, the mighty ones voice disappeared, having almost induced a heart attack in his audience.

“What is it” Lu Yun looked at his man with curiosity.

“The venerated one said something to me just now, Ill tell the young master when we reach the city,” Zhuo Bufan shook with his response. The venerated one had seen through their identities!

Lu Yun nodded and took another look at Zhuo Bufan. He looked ready to jump out of his skin with fright—no wonder everyone viewed him as a bumbling fool.

Though Starcloud City wasnt a large metropolis, it was one that belonged to the Scorch King—one of the hundred and eight kings of the Enforcer Alliance. Thus, there was a transportation formation that led straight to it.

When the group of three vanished among the sparkles of an activated transportation formation, the venerated one appeared in the void again. He looked at the fading shimmers of the formation with a faint smile on his face.-

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