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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1180: Chaos Tribulation

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Gnawing on a chaos beast bone, the lizard-dragon turned around and refused to continue the conversation.

Lu Yun tutted again, “Im speaking the truth, why does no one believe me”

The lizard-dragon couldnt be bothered with a reaction.

After Lu Yun scared off Zhuo Bufan, calm returned to the six sacred palaces and nine sacred lands. He returned to his seated position in the air, becoming ever more mysterious and inscrutable to those of the chaos.

Zhuo Bufans sudden arrival had scared quite a number of people. This was a bonafide expert of the third realm, one who grasped the art of Words and could command the orders of the chaos!

And yet, the sacred prince of Inception Palace had scared him off.

No one knew what Lu Yun had said to Zhuo Bufan, but the latters hasty exit was deeply imprinted in everyones heart.


“What do we do now Hes scared away even a representative of the Enforcer Alliance.” The nine born of the creation seeds gathered once again to discuss their next steps. This time, they were completely stumped.

The Inception prince—a mortal realm creature—had sent Zhuo Bufan packing, and there was nothing they could do about Lu Yun.

A strange force had claimed the sovereigns thatd made a move on him. The nine of them didnt dare attempt further action without absolute guarantee of their success.

“Is he really only a mortal soul” Huo Zongxing frowned at Lu Yun sitting cross-legged in the air.

“He is indeed a mortal soul, and one born of the worlds. He isnt one reincarnated from the Hongmeng like us,” firmly declared a girl after waving a mirror at Lu Yun. “There should be a master of the Hongmeng behind him… probably the Purple King.”

Her cerulean hair gave off watery ripples with each movement—she was the backer of the water origin sacred land. Though she was also a mortal realm being, her cultivation yet to reach the chaos realm, her core essence came from the Hongmeng.

“If thats the case, then this is easy.” Confidence blossomed across Huo Zongxings face.

“Oh” The others looked at him with anticipation. “You have something in mind for him”

“A chaos tribulation,” Huo Zongxing softly uttered. “As long as his cultivation is yet to reach the chaos realm, as long as he doesnt come from the Hongmeng, hes dead without a doubt if a chaos tribulation is set in motion.”

He grinned broadly. “So what if the six palaces can protect him He wont dare do a thing in a chaos tribulation!”

“Thats right, chaos tribulations!” The other eight laughed heartily. “Thank goodness were moving fast enough and doing all this before hes broken through.”

Chaos tribulations were a terrible disaster in the chaos. Since time held no sway over the realm and one couldnt feel the passage of the years, chaos creatures did not die of old age. But when a chaos tribulation erupted, it was a calamity for all.

Chaos creatures that had yet to reach the chaos cultivation realm were instantly decimated in the face of such a tribulation. Even those who were in the chaos realm had to exercise extreme caution. They could easily be doomed beyond salvation if they set one foot wrong.

Chaos creatures were theoretically undying, but in reality, the tribulations cleansed the realm with regularity and prevented overpopulation.

The most abundant in the chaos wasnt beings above chaos realm, but regular mortal beings.

In the eyes of the realms denizens, chaos tribulations were impossibly mysterious. No one knew where they came from and how they were formed. Though the six monarchs knew, they were powerless to prevent the tribulations from actually taking place.

Neither did they wish to do so.

For those of the Hongmeng, however, there was nothing unknown about these tribulations, and it was a walk in the park to start one.


The enormous chaos sun and moon hanging far above the chaos sea were the most mystifying and powerful items of the realm. Herein lay the heart of the chaos and the location of its greatest, most inscrutable strength. They had long surpassed the chaos and reached the Hongmeng.

The Purple King had been in residence here protecting the sun and moon, discouraging any would-be thieves. But as he was now preoccupied by three peers, he had no effort to spare for the chaos sea.

Huo Zongxing and the other eight arrived atop the vacant sea, casting greedy eyes over the sun and moon. Even kings of the third realm coveted these ultimate treasures.

However, no one since the dawn of time had ever obtained the two. Even the Purple King had only watched over them and prevented anyone from plotting over them. As it happened to be, chaos tribulations originated from the chaos sun and moon.

“The sun and moon constantly radiate energy and percolate it throughout the chaos, bestowing light and shadow, yin and yang to the realm.

“But these two treasures are so strong that the rate of their release lags far behind their rate of increase. When their energy accumulates to a certain peak, they crash into each other and give rise to a chaos tribulation. Such is the rhythm of their existence,” Huo Zongxing murmured with fascination as he looked at the two orbs in front of him. “If there were no chaos tribulations, the second realm wouldve long overflowed with life.

“Come on then, we just need to use the power of the Hongmeng to fill the sun and moon to capacity ahead of schedule.”

The sun and moon of the realm didnt both exist above the chaos sea at the same time. When the chaos sun hung high in the void, the chaos moon sank into the waters. When the chaos moon rose, the sun set.

There was currently just a broad pit without end as Lu Qing had taken the chaos sea with him. The chaos moon hung overhead and the sun rested at the center of the pit. Though the waters had vanished, the chaos sea was still enveloped by a strange power. It would return to normal before long.

When a chaos tribulation took place, both the sun and moon hung over the chaos sea and continuously crashed into each other, releasing all of the power within them.

Huo Zongxing and the eight others from the third realm called upon their core essence, reaching out to the power of the Hongmeng that was infinitely greater than the chaos currents. They bade it come pouring out of the third realm and into the chaos sun and moon.

A purple haze of light filled in the chaos sea, turning it into an ocean of purple.

If Tianqi was here, he wouldve shrieked with surprise. This purple haze was precisely what hed once guarded all those years ago!

With the strength of the Hongmeng landing in the chaos, the chaos sun and moon started trembling and transformed into two enormous black holes, devouring this tremendous source of power.

A curious metamorphosis took place inside of them—their rate of energy release slowed down, but their rate of creation sped up by a hundred million times.


After absorbing an unknown amount of Hongmeng strength, the sun that had been sleeping at the bottom of the sea suddenly bounced up and smashed into the moon right above it.

The moon had also absorbed enough energy that it was at maximum capacity. The two mammoth treasures pulled back from each other, then crashed forward with newfound violence.

A chaos tribulation was upon the realm.-

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