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The divine race had accumulated too much resentment from the great wilderness to modern day. Though Lu Yun had redressed their grievances, only time could erase their hurts. Their pain and anguish could not be resolved so simply.

No one knew what the divines had endured during all these eons. Theyd protected the world and embers of civilization, but had also been scorned, cursed at, and even hunted down at the same time.

The Abyss of Divine Burial laid to rest the last of their glory and dignity with an ignoble whimper.

With the happenings in the world, their rage and suffering finally boiled over, becoming a most terrifying weapon in the hands of the chaos creatures.

Once all of this bottled up resentment and wrath flooded the world of immortals, there would be very few who could withstand them. And if they made it to Exalted Major, the divine race there would immediately change sides and come under the control of the chaos creatures.


Jing Huaci and the Yin Prince were stronger than the six prodigals. Their joint command of the Timelight Tower released enough power of time to erode at the mammoth accumulation of bitterness.

None of the acrimony came from a single source; it was a joint amassing from all divine spirits thatd come beforehand and had reached these horrific levels after eons of accrual.





Four pitch black hands stretched out of the abysses and blotted out the sun. They were as large as a facet, and they reached for the Timelight Tower and Mount Vastspace.

The moment they did so, the energy of the worlds swelled violently in a furious offensive. These four hands belonged to chaos creatures that were at least immortal lords! Theyd used a special power to somehow evade the detection of the worlds and reach into the world of immortals. Even so, the energy of the worlds found them as soon as they revealed themselves and madly ate away at the offenders.

A black mist-like energy covered the arms that temporarily blocked the energy of the worlds. The arms hit the Deaf Prince and the others like bolts of lightning, forcing mouthfuls of blood from the eight and shaking Mount Vastspace and the Timelight Tower.

“Bring that here!” roared a furious voice from an unknown patch of space. The four hands grabbed onto Mount Vastspace and the Timelight Tower at the same time and dragged the two treasures into the abyss.


Four evil coffins descended from the skies and slammed down on the four abysses. Ge Long appeared in bright red robes, long flowing hair, a wine gourd at his waist, and a blue sword in his hand.

“Sever!” The four coffins opened the moment he revealed himself, making space for four enormous swords to shoot out and stab into the abysses.

“What!” The unknown voice colored with shock and the four large arms jerked as if theyd been electrocuted. They subconsciously wanted to retreat, but Ge Longs speed was many times faster than the owner of the arms.

The four sharp swords bit deeply into the abysses, discharging a destructive power that began to dismantle their targets.

“Set!” the voice rang out again. The powers of earth, air, fire, and water surged over the four arms and fixed the crumbling abysses into place. A gigantic ghost face probed out of the void and coolly regarded Ge Long on top of Mount Vastspace.

“Ghost Ancestor,” Ge Long breathed when he saw the face that was laughing and crying at the same time.

How could it be the ghost ancestor! Lu Yun and Qing Yu were suppressing it in Witherdew Major, but here it was! And with the power of the four origins—or rather, the four elements.

Though the ghost ancestor had only shown four arms, Ge Long could still see its true form. It had four heads and eight arms—the appearance of an origin divine.

This was incredibly shocking and alarming! What was the ghost ancestor Did the origin divine come from the four origin sacred lands or this ghost ancestor

The moment the ghost ancestor appeared, it somehow calmed the agitating energy of the worlds and all returned to what it was before. The energy no longer attacked the four arms, clearing the way for an enormous shadow to slowly appear in the sky.

The ghost ancestors face was both crying and laughing at the same time—like an akasha ghost. Its body possessed four heads and eight arms—like an origin divine. Part of its body existed over each of the four great oceans, one with a singular head and two arms. The four parts combined made for the four-headed and eight-armed body of an origin divine.

There was only one ghost ancestor, but it was simultaneously appearing over all four oceans. This indicated that it existed outside the confines of the world of immortals, and that the world was just a plaything in its hands.


Back in Witherdew Major, the sealed away ghost ancestor leered uncannily before its body slowly faded away.

“Did we fall for a trap” Qing Yu smiled with resignation at Lu Yun.

“It was always just a replica in the world of immortals.” Lu Yun lifted his head to look in the direction of the North Sea. The ghost ancestor was now the size of all thirty-three facets, so large that it blotted out the sun.

“Its true goal here was just to absorb the essence of the worlds so that it could become one of us. That way, its true self wouldnt be attacked when it entered the world of immortals.” Lu Yun stroked his chin. “But thanks to our seal, it fell just a little short of its goal. It could only send another replica instead of its real body, one that was an immortal lord.

“What cultivation realm is it, really The legends of the chaos say that the ghost ancestor acts as the vanguard of the sacred lands to repay its debt of gratitude. But it looks like this isnt the case.”

Lu Yun had asked around the chaos to glean more information about the ghost ancestor, and most reacted with a certain degree of contempt once they heard the name. But it was now marching on the world of immortals with the cultivation level of a creator and had somehow projected an immortal lord replica. That could only mean that its true body was even stronger.

“Whatever its cultivation level is, there is only one path ahead for him after entering the world of immortals—death!” Lu Yun stared fixedly at the ghost ancestors contradictory face and materialized a brush in his hand.

This brush had been in Qing Hans possession ever since she became an akasha ghost. Now that shed returned to her true self, the brush ended up in Lu Yuns hands instead.

The purest strength of ghostly power brimmed in the brush, so potent that even Lu Yun treated it with trepidation. This thing didnt hail from the chaos, it absolutely came from the third realm. Perhaps it was what had drawn the ghost ancestor into what it was now.-

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