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Necropolis Immortal Chapter 1091: Are You A Devil?!

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“Do we really not want it Thats an opportunity to ascend beyond the chaos!” Ling Xius heart spasmed painfully. If shed been the one to get the sword, she wouldve clung onto it even in death.

“Opportunities are opportunities only if we have enough destiny to hang onto them. If not, theyre just disasters,” Lu Yun sighed. “Lets go, this is causing too much of a disturbance. Some things outside of our expectations might crop up.”

Ying Luo looked at Lu Yun and bit her lips lightly. “Im going back to beg for forgiveness from my monarch.”

“No need.” Lu Yun smiled. “Walk with me. The Creation monarch wont find fault with you.”

Ying Luo lowered her head without a word. Lu Yun was obviously just trying to comfort her.

Her princess had just made enemies out of their former friends on behalf of the entire Creation Palace! To stay with Lu Yun meant betraying Creation Palace; shed be killed by the palace experts before she even saw the monarch.

“Dont worry, you havent betrayed Creation Palace and they wont abandon you.” Lu Yun gently patted her shoulder.

Ying Luo nodded mutely.

“Lets go.” Lu Yun looked at the Inception disciples around him. They were frustrated and pained, but Lu Yun was right. If he hadnt given up the sword, all five hundred of them wouldve been overwhelmed in the first instant and completely obliterated.

The scene in front of them could only be described as a hellscape. Everyone fought for the sword and gruesome deaths occurred every second. Not even the sixth level mortal realm experts of the palaces were an exception. No mercy, no quarter, no hesitation.

The world had gone mad.

Li Xue, Wei Yuan, and You Huoran left the scene without any reservations. Their princes and princesses had thrown them away without a second thought earlier. Having stepped forward and fought side by side with Lu Yun, they would also be treated as traitors if they returned to their delegations now.

While Wang Shu did want to stay and help Burgeon Palace, he would be a moth to a flame if he rejoined his faction during the battle. A minor second level mortal realm cultivator would have no effect on the outcome.

Even their Thousand Obliteration Formation of the Six Royals wouldnt cause a ripple in the midst of a hundred thousand cultivators. Living opponents were far different from zombies.


While mayhem and lunacy engulfed this part of the tomb, the Inception delegation departed through a relatively calm passage.

Since the source of everything had been destroyed, all of the corpse qi, pungent air, and zombie floods were no more. The five hundred disciples gradually separated from Lu Yun and the others, drifting off in different directions.

Since the Tomb of Heaven and Earth was an enormous training ground, everyone had their own opportunity to seek out. Five hundred gathered in one place created too big of a target, and they would also easily affect each other.

Finally, only the Six Royals were left.

They were close to a huge, desolate mountain that was an expanse of black dirt framed by an ashen sky. There were no signs of life, zombies, or any other monsters.

It was a kind of stillness that provoked the greatest kind of anxiety.

“Lets find a safe spot here and recall the sword.” Lu Yun suddenly said to the others.

“Huh” The five started. “Recall the sword What sword”

“The one with the inheritance beyond the chaos, of course,” Lu Yun answered matter-of-factly.

“Didnt, didnt you just give it up” Ying Luo stared at Lu Yun.

He scratched his head with some embarrassment. “Id actually already refined it when I tossed it out.”

“…are you a devil!” came shrieks and shudders.


Blood dripped from the hem of his shirt. Bodies stretched on as far as the eye could see, a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood from more than a hundred thousand souls.

He was the final victor of this battle.

His hands tightly gripped the sword containing the legacy beyond the chaos. This sword was everything to him.

“Who else” Zhou Wumie demanded coolly of the few survivors left.

Zhou Wumie, first of the mortal realm cultivators of Nirvana Palace. He was far stronger than Huo Jun and Ling Xiu of Inception Palace. Out of all the mortal realm cultivators of the six palaces, he was ranked in the top three.

This battle had taken far too great of a toll on everyone, there were only a few survivors from each of the five palaces as well. Less than a hundred Nirvana disciples in total stood next to Zhou Wumie.

Still, it was all worth it.

After obtaining this treasure, Nirvana Palace was sure to soar to the metaphorical throne of the chaos and keep the other five underfoot! They had the chance to ascend beyond the chaos and enter the next realm, forever free of the threat from the worlds!

No one dared move as the power radiating from Zhou Wumie was too astounding. He was also wielding that sword in his hands. Even if he couldnt yet deploy its true strength, the edge of this sword was enough to cut through everything!

The remaining four palaces were also afraid. Though Zhou Wumie hadnt personally created this mountain of corpses, he was undoubtedly the strongest one left.

They all took a step back. While there were still more than ten thousand cultivators left, no one had the courage to fight on.

“Hahahaha!!” Zhou Wumie threw his head back with laughter, mirth echoed by his fellow disciples around him.

“We won, we won!” They cheered, already seeing Nirvana Palace ascend beyond the chaos and ruling the other five sacred palaces.


The sword suddenly flared with brilliant radiance and began shaking violently.

“Oh Senior brother Wumie, are you refining the sword” asked the curious Nirvana disciples.

Shock froze Zhou Wumies jubilant expression. The sword was trying to escape from his grasp!

“Whats going on!” Zhou Wumie panicked; hed bet everything for this sword! All of his essence had gone up in flames for it, but this sword that hed laid down his life for was leaving him


Flame gusted from the sword and sent Zhou Wumie flying, then pierced through the void.

“Come back here!” Zhou Wumies eyes were so wide that their corners split open. He almost spontaneously lost his sanity at seeing the sword leave him. He drew upon his last bit of strength without hesitation and chased after the escaping sword.-

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