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After coming out of the Katana shop, Kanpū was feeling refreshed.

He was in the same mood as if he had just gotten his salary of 8,000 yuan and wanted to spend it all.

But at this moment, the insect that Shikuro left on Kanpū suddenly buzzed around him twice, and then flew south.

Kanpū thought of something, and knew that this is the way Shikuro calling him.

Following the insect all the way through the streets and alleys, it didn’t take long before Kanpū came to a barbecue restaurant.

Kanpū looked up with hindsight, only to find that it was already dark and it was time for dinner.

Kanpū entered the barbecue restaurant and there were a lot of customers inside.

Kanpū subconsciously closed his eyes and used Sensor Ninjutsu, and he saw more than twenty vague human-shaped lines!

‘There are so many Shinobi in this barbecue restaurant’

Kanpū was startled, but soon he shook his head and laughed, realizing that these people should not be Shinobi, but Samurai.

“Kanpū, here!”

In the barbecue restaurant, when Shisui saw Kanpū standing at the door, he waved at him.


After walking over, Kanpū saw Shikuro, and Yui were already grilling meats.


After Han Feng sat down, he immediately grabbed a piece of meat from Kanpū from Yui’s side.

Putting it into his mouth, he tasted the deliciousness.

But in the next moment, Kanpū’s face turned blue: Yui looked at him expressionlessly, and her chopsticks were covered with black Kikaichū at some point!

The meat in his mouth suddenly became tasteless, no, it smelled of insects…

“Yui, I’m still a child, don’t scare me…” Kanpū said with bitter expression.


Yui snorted, put away her magical power, and continue to barbecue the meat.

“That… don’t you change the chopsticks”

After swallowing the meat, Kanpū looked at Yui’s chopsticks tangledly.

“Insects are my friends!”

Yui said, “They are very clean!”

Kanpū looked at Shikuro, ‘Forget it, he and Yui belonged to a group.’ Then he looked towards Shisui, only to find that even Shisui looked ‘indifferent’.

‘Did Shisui not see that scene just now’

Just as Kanpū hesitated, he saw Shisui picking up a piece of roasted meat, first fed it to the crow on his shoulder, and then ate the rest himself.

Kanpū was dumbfounded when he saw this: ‘People who have pets are different…’

Kanpū silently marked a place in the grill for himself.

And it is strictly forbidden for the others’ chopsticks to enter his territory, and he needed to stay alarmed and vigilant while eating the barbeque.

After that, Kanpū didn’t have any interest in continuing the shopping, so he followed Shikuro and the others back.

Back to the inn where they stayed, everyone saw that Kikuchi had returned, but his expression was very bad.

“Kikuchi-dono, is the acquisition of the iron ore not going well” Shikuro asked.

“Aburame-dono, there really is no shortage of smart people in this world.”

Kikuchi said with a bitter smile, “There are indeed some problems with the acquisition.”

This afternoon, Kikuchi went to those Samurai clans to buy the iron armors they discarded, but he didn’t expect that besides him, there are also some other merchants who are also buying it!

Although Kikuchi raised the purchase price in time, the other side was not to be trifled with.

In the end, although he successfully bought a batch of discarded iron armors, the cost was nearly 50% higher than expected!

In other words, for the same money, the iron armors he bought was much less than expected!

‘Damn blood-smelling sharks!’

Kikuchi’s face is ugly.

However, these have nothing to do with Shikuro and the others.

Once Kikuchi took a few deep breaths, he suppressed his unhappiness, and said, “However, the acquisition task is finally completed.

Then, everyone, tomorrow morning, we will set off to the Craftsmen Shinobi Village.”

“You have bought the iron ore” Kanpū then asked curiously, “Where is the iron ore”

“In the scroll.”

Kikuchi took out two scrolls and said.

Kanpū’s eyes lit up as he saw sealing scroll again.

This time, he couldn’t help but asked: “Kikuchi-san, this is sealing scroll, right”


Kikuchi put the scroll away and said, “Although this is the Ninja Tool created by Shinobi, it is also a very important transportation tool for us merchants!”

“Kikuchi-san, when the mission is over, can you sell me a sealing scroll” Kanpū asked.

“Of course there is no problem.” Kikuchi had no reason to refuse.

After a few more casual chats, they went back to their rooms to rest.

The next morning.

Kanpū and the others got up before dawn to wash and eat, and then left the Iron City.

Kikuchi is sitting in the carriage with two scrolls, Shisui is driving the carriage, Yui is responsible of releasing her insects to monitor the surroundings, Kanpū create a shadow clone to explore the way in front, and his main body followed behind the carriage.

“Shikuro-sensei, what kind of place is the Craftsmen Shinobi Village”

Kanpū was so bored that he couldn’t help but speak.

“The Craftsmen Shinobi Village in located in the Land of Craftsmen.

It was founded by the famous Shinobi Craftsmen, Seimei.

The Ninja Tools used by various countries’ Shinobi are all supplied by them.”

Shikuro then added, “It’s just that because of the war, the Land of Craftsmen was destroyed, and the Craftsmen Shinobi Village was retained because of its unique status.”

Kanpū looked surprised: “All Shinobi’s Ninja Tools are made by the Craftsmen Shinobi Village It can’t be true, right If they monopolize the Ninja Tools of the entire Shinobi World, wouldn’t they ascend to heaven”

Shikuro said: “That was in the past.

Right now, all the Great Countries have mastered the method of forging Ninja Tools, and coupled with the existence of the black market… But technically speaking, the Ninja Tools of the Craftsmen Shinobi Village is still the best, and it is undeniable that most of the excellent Ninja Tools in the Shinobi World are all made by the Craftsmen of the Craftsmen Shinobi Village.”

Kanpū’s heart was moved and he asked: “Is the Sword of Kusanagi also made by the Craftsmen Shinobi Village”

Shikuro shook his head and said: “The legend of the Sword of Kusanagi is older than the existence of the Craftsmen Shinobi Villages, so no one knows who made them.”

“Shikuro-sensei, do you know how many Sword of Kusanagi there are” Kanpū asked again.

“It is said that there are a total of eleven swords, but very few people have actually seen the Sword of Kusanagi, so I can’t be sure.”

Shikuro frowned, turned his head to look at Kanpū, and then said, “You are not thinking about getting the Sword of Kusanagi, are you”

Kanpū said implicitly: “No, I’m just asking.”

Shikuro chuckled and said:” Even if your idea of ​​​​getting the Sword of Kusanagi, it is useless, after all, in the Shinobi World, no one knows where the Swords of Kusanagi are.”

Kanpū also laughed, ‘Shame on you, I just happened to know.’

‘Orochimaru has at least two in his hand, but I don’t know if he has it now.’

‘The future Uchiha Itachi can also get one.

As for the remaining eight’

Kanpū hesitated: ‘Are there really eleven Sword of Kusanagi’

After traveling and stopping all the way, everyone spent two days to leave the Land of Iron’s territory, then gave up the carriage, traversed the Land of Waterfall that has waterfalls everywhere, and finally arrived at the Craftsmen Shinobi Village.

The Craftsmen Shinobi Village is located within the border between Land of Earth and Land of Waterfall.

It is a village backed by a mountain wall.

There is only a little vegetation all around, and it looks a bit desolate.

But on the way to the Craftsmen Shinobi Village, they can see a lot of caravans and the Shinobi escorting the caravans, including Iwagakure, Kumogakure, Sunagakure and even Konoha’s Shinobi!

It’s just that every parties have a tacit understanding of ‘You guard your caravan and I protect my caravan.

Everyone has nothing to do with each other.’


As for what happens behind the scenes, no one knows.


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