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“That must be the case!”


Lin insisted and immediately said angrily, “Ill go and complain to the Water Supply Bureau later.

They dont even know how to maintain the water pipes, and simply allowed them to rust.

That really scared me to death!

“No, I have to ask the Water Supply Bureau to compensate me for the scare!”

As she spoke, Mrs.

Lin was really about to pick up the phone beside her to make a call.

“Mom, the most important thing for you now is to rest well.

Dont worry about anything else.”

Lin Kexin took the phone from her hand helplessly and wanted to help her upstairs to rest.

“No! Im not going to rest.

Ill be in the living room.

I want to watch TV.” Madam Lin seemed to have thought of something, so she sat on the sofa firmly and didnt get up, looking obviously resistant to going back to her room.

Lin Kexin sighed slightly when she saw this.

She could only turn on the TV and hand the remote control to Mrs.


“Hey! Where are you going” Mrs.

Lin had just taken the remote control when she saw that her daughter was about to leave, so she immediately stopped her.

The servant at home had something on at the last minute and asked for leave today, leaving just the two of them at home.

She was quite frightened by the blood in the tap just then, and now, she subconsciously didnt want her daughter to leave.

“Its almost noon.

Im going to cook.” Lin Kexin stopped and replied.

Although Mrs Lin was unwilling, she didnt want to go into the kitchen again, so she could only ask her daughter to work faster.

Seeing her mother like this, Lin Kexin felt a bit upset, but there was nothing she could do.

However, not long after Lin Kexin entered the kitchen, she heard a terrified scream from the living room.

Lin Kexin was shocked.

She threw down the knife in her hand and ran into the living room.

“Mom, what happened”

Lin Kexin ran to the living room and didnt see her mother.

Her face instantly turned pale.

“Mom Mom! Where are you!”

“Ke… Kexin, Mom is here.

Mom is here!”

Just as Lin Kexin was burning with anxiety and wanted to run to other places to find her mother, she heard her mothers trembling voice coming from behind the sofa.

Lin Kexin quickly ran over and squatted down.

“Mom, whats wrong What happened”

“Its… Its Yao Lefei.

Its Yao Lefei.

Shes on TV.

She hid in the TV to scare me!”

Madam Lins face was full of fear as she grabbed her daughter tightly with both hands, her body trembling violently.

Lin Kexin looked up at the TV and saw the news on the TV.

The person her mother mentioned didnt appear.

“Mom, what you saw might be a report about Sister-in-law.

Dont scare yourself.”

Thats right, the Yao Lefei Mother Lin was talking about was the daughter-in-law of the Lin family, but she passed away half a month ago.

Before Yao Lefei married into the Lin family, she was a popular actress and a goddess in everyones minds.

However, Yao Lefei quit acting after marrying into the Lin family and stayed at home to focus on her family.

“I saw her! I really did! I saw her smile at me.

Her smile was so scary!” Madam Lin shook her head crazily.

Recalling what she saw just now, her body trembled even more violently.

“I didnt kill her.

Why is she looking for me Im her mother-in-law after all.

Shes dead and she still wants to scare me.

Shes really heartless!”

“Mom!” Lin Kexin suddenly raised her voice, obviously disagreeing with her mother.

“Mom, Sister-in-law has done a lot for our family these three years.

Shes already passed away.

Dont say anything bad about her anymore!”

Lin Kexin pitied her deceased sister-in-law.

At the same time, she felt that her family had let her down.


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