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A cold light shot out of Mu Tianyans eyes and a strong murderous intent surged out like a volcano eruption.

Mu Tianyan swirled around and pulled the girl in his arms behind him.

At the same time, he suddenly put his palm out.

Seeing this, Taoist Qingxuan, who was rushing over, instantly turned his claw into a palm and collided with Mu Tianyan.


The moment the two palms collided, a powerful destructive force spread out rapidly in all directions.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The huge meeting room was reverberating with the sounds of things falling and breaking.

In the blink of an eye, the originally neat meeting room became a catastrophic mess.

Although Mu Tianyan was a newly advanced level-five Ancient Martial Artist, his internal energy was much stronger than that of an ordinary level-five Ancient Martial Artist.

Therefore, when facing Taoist Qingxuan, who was in the advanced stage of Ancient Martial Arts fifth level, he didnt seem to be at a disadvantage at all.

In fact, he even seemed to have the upper hand.

Luo Baode and the others, who originally wanted to attack, stopped when they saw this and watched the battle quietly.

At this moment, Taoist Mu Qing, who learned about the meeting slightly later than Mu Tianyan, also appeared in the meeting room.

“Disciple-in-law, are you alright”

Taoist Mu Qing glanced at his disciple who was fighting and asked his disciples wife, who was standing at the side.

“Im fine.”

Lu Zijia shook her head, but her gaze never left her man, who was still fighting.

Seeing this, Taoist Mu Qing couldnt help feeling a bit jealous.

However, he felt gratified for his disciple.

Although his disciples wifes cultivation level and strength were not as strong as his disciples, she had many tricks and was not weaker than his disciple.

It would naturally be best if the two of them could always support each other like this.

Bang! Boom!

Taoist Qingxuans moves were fierce and there was a hint of darkness in them, which made Tang Zheng and the others frown.

Mu Tianyan wasnt weak either.

He attacked aggressively, and was able to suppress Taoist Qingxuans evil moves.

In the end, Taoist Qingxuan ran out of internal energy and was kicked in the chest by Mu Tianyan, spitting out a mouthful of blood.


Taoist Qingxuan took more than ten steps back after being kicked by Mu Tianyan, only to be stopped by the wall behind him.

“Damn it, all of you deserve to die!”

Taoist Qingxuan lost to a junior, and he was extremely resentful about losing.

His pair of gloomy old eyes were faintly dyed with a layer of black, as if he was showing signs of losing control.

But on closer look, it didnt seem to be the case.

When Taoist Qingxuans body still, and the sounds of wailing and howling could be heard, Tang Zheng, the leader of the Maoshan Sect, suddenly looked angry.

“Tyrannical Seal Of Ten Thousand Ghosts”

Luo Baode looked at the abnormality on Taoist Qingxuans body and his expression suddenly became serious.

However, there was a hint of doubt in his voice, as if he couldnt believe his eyes.

The Tyrannical Seal Of Ten Thousand Ghosts was originally a spell created by an elder of the Ten Thousand Ghosts Sect.

The seal, as the name suggested, required the souls of ten thousand people to cultivate, and they had to be souls full of hatred.

In order to have souls that met the requirements, the sect used all kinds of methods to torture the people.

The process could be said to be extremely sad, crazy, and immensely cruel!

However, after the Ten Thousand Ghosts Sect was destroyed a hundred years ago, the Tyrannical Seal Of Ten Thousand Ghosts also disappeared.

Unexpectedly, a hundred years later, it actually appeared on Taoist Qingxuan, an elder of the Maoshan Sect, a sect which claimed to be righteous!

This was undoubtedly a slap to Tang Zhengs face.

It would be strange if he didnt look angry.

“Its really the Tyrannical Seal Of Ten Thousand Ghosts! Quick, stop him!”


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