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Chapter 365 – Girl with the winged people – Part four

Mister Villa looks surprised when he touches his wing.

I didn’t think he was expecting that wing that was so badly injured to be healed like this.

He says thank you to me.

The winged people are really proud of the fact that they can fly, so I’m glad his wing is all right.

Some beings are rejected by their groups because part of their body stops working.

Apparently the wing people kill people when they are born with defective wings… I thought that was awful when I heard it, but apparently they can’t survive unless their bodies are in perfect condition, because they live high up in the mountains.

Different races have different circumstances, and different ways of thinking.

That’s why I can’t really give my opinion on that sort of thing.

It sounds like it would be awful if an adult had to have a wing cut.

“Mister Villa, how did you get hurt like that”

“There was a monster.

A large bird monster I have never seen before.”

“And that monster attacked you…”


The gryphons don’t attack people, in part because they’re contracted to me, but for most monsters living among nature, people are prey.

It’s not like we can complain, because we kill and eat monsters too.

But I don’t want Mister Villa to be in danger like that, and if there’s a monster out there that’s scary enough to hurt Mister Villa like this, I think I want to take it down.

We decide that the gryphons, Scifo, and me, and also Miss Muselan and other winged people will go out on patrol in the sky.

We end up finding a monster that fits Mister Villa’s description.

That monster is big.

It’s about as big as an adult gryphon, and it has a sharp beak and claws.

It attacks the winged people, probably because it sees them as food.

It doesn’t attack me, probably because I’m a miko of the sky.

Under different circumstances, we might’ve been friends because it can fly, but we can’t be friends if it attacks the winged people.

I create wings with magic, and start flying.

I face that monster, and its yellow eyes feel like they’re piercing me.

But still, it really doesn’t feel like that monster is going to attack me.

But… I use magic and restrain the monster.

The bird monster falls to the ground, and Miss Muselan finishes it by cutting its head.

Mister Villa was hurt badly because he was attacked while he was alone, but it’s no problem with so many people here.

He should take better care of himself.

Flying casually around the sky is fun, but I’d be sad if anything happened to him again.

I return to the village while thinking about this, and go to Miss Zeshihi’s place, where Mister Villa is.

He wanted to come along too, but he got hurt recently, so he’s resting here.

If it was just me saying it, he wouldn’t have accepted it, but he accepted it right away when Doanea said it.

We tell him we took down the monster, and he says ‘I see’.

It looks like there’s something on his mind.

“Mister Villa, there are lots of dangerous monsters in the forest, so be careful out here.”

“Yes… Lerunda, you’re incredible.”

“What Why are you saying that all of a sudden”

Being called incredible all of a sudden is weird.

“You have a friendly relationship with our god and easily defeated the monster that injured me.

You are human, but fly and have the power to heal wounds.

I feel pathetic in comparison.

I have been training more, partly to become more powerful for our gods, but I am having trouble becoming stronger.

Lerunda, I want to become strong, strong enough to be able to be of help to our gods.”

Says Mister Villa with a very serious face, and I feel like praying.

Praying to god, for Mister Villa.

But then I realize something.

When I pray at times like these, that person becomes a ‘knight of the miko’.

It happened with Reimar, Gaius, and Phyto too.

They changed because of my prayers, and their destinies probably changed too.

Mister Villa worships Doanea, so he probably doesn’t want to become a ‘knight of the miko’.

“What’s wrong”

Asks Mister Villa after noticing I’m acting weird.

“…Mister Villa, I can pray that your beliefs come true, and you keep being someone that protects Doanea’s wishes.

But if I do that, you’ll become tied to me, because I’m the miko.

I don’t want to just ignore how you feel and do that anyway, but if I do that, you might become a ‘knight of the miko’.

If that happens, your body might change color, and you’ll become different than you are now.

But I think what you can do might change too.”

I say fearfully.

Mister Villa looks like he’s thinking about it for a second, but then he sits up on the bed.

“Then please pray for me.”

“Hum, but then you’ll become like my knight, not Doanea’s.”

I say just to confirm, but Mister Villa has made up his mind.

He really wants to be of use to Mister Douroean and Doanea, even if he becomes that.

I see that’s what he really wants, so I pray for him.

—Girl with the winged people – Part four

(The miko defeats a monster and prays for Mister Villa.)



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