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We’re back in the village.

Miss Lan and other people welcomed us back when we returned.

I guess they’re still a bit wary of Miss Muselan and the others, but I think it’s less because they’re worried that they might do something to us, and more that they’re worried that their devotion to Doanea and Mister Douroean might lead them to do something crazy.

They’re slowly trusting each other more, but the winged people don’t really interact that much with everyone else, so they’re not very close.

But some people have been friendly with each other… Still, this village has people of lots of different races, so relationships between them sometimes get complicated.

Miss Lan said ‘you get along with everyone, so you’re like the heart of this village’, but I don’t really know the beast people we brought from Migha very well.

If more and more people are coming here, we’re not going to know everyone who lives in the same village as us.

But I still want to try to know everyone’s faces and names.

Just as much as possible.

I wish there was some way to make the village more unified.

If something happened that made everyone closer, I’m sure the village would be more wonderful.

I’m with Doanea by the lake.

Watching this lake we made with the spirit tree planted in the middle makes me happy.


(Spirit trees have a strange atmosphere around them.)”


I feel that way every time I see them.”

We have two spirit trees here.

They’re both slowly regaining their power.

Wea’s is still small, but it has that great atmosphere around it.

“You’re going to get bigger too, aren’t you Maybe even as big as Mister Douroean.

I can’t wait to see how you grow.”


(I will be about as big as my father.)”

“But won’t it take you a long time to get there”




You won’t be here anymore by the time I am as big as my father.)”

What Doanea says really makes me realize how different our life spans are.

Mister Douroean said I’ll live longer than others because I’m a miko, but that still doesn’t mean I’ll live long enough to see Doanea become as big as Mister Douroean.

He also said that the land a miko loves will prosper, and that effect will last even after that miko is gone.

I want Doanea’s life to be easy after I’m gone… In the end, the gryphons, spirits, Scifo, and Doanea are contracted to me, and they’re only here because I’m here.

When I’m gone, will they stay here Go back to nature I don’t know, but if they’re staying, I want to leave behind an environment that’s easy for them to live in.

I take it easy with Doanea, and then Freinet and Wea come.

“Lerunda, Mister Villa got hurt.”

“This way.”

I’m surprised to hear this, and stand up.

How did he get hurt

I follow them in a hurry back to where Mister Villa is.

When people live in the forest, someone’s going to get hurt from time to time, but Miss Zeshihi and the others can take care of them.

I have the power to heal, but people here in the village tell me I shouldn’t rely on it too much, and asked me not to use it unless I really need to.

If I’m being called like this, that probably means he’s been badly injured.

Apparently Mister Villa was taken to Miss Zeshihi’s place.

I see both beast people and winged people around it, with worried looks on their faces.

I’m taken inside, and see blood.

Mister Villa’s wing is hurt.

…It’s hurt so badly that it might need to be severed.

“Lerunda, I’m sorry to call you like this when you were relaxing.

Can you heal Mister Villa I really don’t want to have to sever his wing…”


Of course.”

I say, and activate my magic.

It’s not like the first time I used holy magic.

Now I can stabilize it while I use it.

Light envelops Mister Villa, and as I feel something leaving my body, Mister Villa’s wounded wing is healed.

Maybe it’s because Mister Villa is a being that can fly, and he’s compatible with me because I’m a miko of the sky god, but I feel like it was pretty easy to use magic this time.

He looks surprised to see his wounds have been healed.

He looks at me and says, ‘thanks heavens, I don’t have to lose my wing’ with a smile.

—Girl with the winged people – Part three

(The miko uses her magic to heal one of the winged people.)


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