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In the era of civilization, the global situation had become increasingly stable, and there was hardly any need for large war machines.

Under normal circumstances, the research on large weapons was mainly to deter enemies and not for aggression.

Therefore, many people turned their focus and energy to heroic combat form.

The so-called hero referred to the individual.

Heroic combat form referred to using individual advantages to achieve the same effect as large war machines.

The research was divided into two fractions.

Two famous fictional characters could be used as an example.

The first one would be Captain America who represented the pursuit of human potential and the exploration of the human bodys upper limit.

This was the culmination of genetic engineering.

The second one would be Iron Man, which pursued miniaturized technology to assist in combat.

This was an advanced technology that combined technology and the human body for combat.

Unfortunately, there were no major breakthroughs in these two kinds of research even until the transmigration of humans into the wasteland.

Genetic modification research was limited by ethical restrictions and could not come to a common agreement globally.

Thus, it could only be occasionally seen in movies or comics.

Mechanical armor manufacturing was limited by the advancement in technology.

There was no possible way to break through the shackles of material, energy and so on.

Therefore, humans could only reach the stage of prototypes.

In the past, Su Mo had fantasized about the thought more than once.

He imagined making suitable mechanical armor when the territorys technology and his survival points were sufficient so that he could fulfill his childhood dream.

However, he understood that it would cost a lot to create and achieve wearing mechanical armor.

At the very least, it would only be possible if the humans scientific and technological research level to at least break through the upper limit on Earth.

Su Mo would have never imagined seeing eight neat mechanical armor placed right in front of him!

The mechanical armor was red and blue in color.

It had a thick and sturdy foundation, two huge cannons fixed on the hands, and mechanical legs as thick as a buffalos thigh.

Including the fuel exhaust pipes with the thickness of two arms on the back, the materials needed for making the armor would cost at least one to two tons minimum.

From the appearance, the mechanical armor was extremely different from Iron Mans armor.

The latter was lightweight and had high protection qualities.

It had the advantage of both strength and energy, allowing the user to both fly and run at a speed of more than 2,000 kilometers per hour.

The former was definitely not going to be able to fly, and movement speed was definitely going to be affected due to its volume.

The maximum speed that it could reach would be about 60 kilometers per hour.

However, it was undeniable that this mechanical armor was indeed powerful in the current state of the wasteland.

The solid exterior alone was a killer weapon on the battlefield once equipped and could cause terrifying damage.

Su Mo suppressed the shock in his heart and put aside the first photo.

Then, he carefully inspected the second photo.

He was not unfamiliar with the thing captured in this picture.

It was ninety percent similar to the sky barrier in the ruins of Liangfang Town.

The barrier radiated with a similar blue-green light and the only difference was that the barrier this time was far greater than that of Liangfang Town.

“The barrier will open as long as the correct answer is given”

The subsequent photos were basically close-ups of the sky barrier.

Su Mo looked at them for a while and raised his head after putting down the photos.

“Yes, Almighty Su.

I was unable to see the question because of the exclusive period ownership.

Otherwise, I would have recorded it and tried to solve it.

“However, I tried to inquire about their whereabouts during those few days after returning to the territory and was able to collect some information.

Thus, I have a rough idea of the first question that they were given.”


Seeing that Su Mo was interested, Hou Tielong did not waste any time.

He immediately pulled out a paper from his notebook and handed it over.

There were only a few words written on the paper.

The conveyed meaning was also very concise and easy to understand.

What is machinery

Su Mo reread the sentence several times and put down the paper, pondering on the words.

The Blazelanders pursued technology to the point of obsession.

The mysterious old technology was one of them.

According to Ma Feis previous remarks, this group of people was willing to sacrifice their own bodies in order to achieve “mechanical advancement.” This was enough to show how obsessed they were with technology.

Their question left behind also revolved around the issue.

‘Did they finally come to their senses and realize that dedicating themselves to machinery was a mistake

The question was somewhat vague, and Hou Tielong did not have a specific answer to the question.

After guessing several possibilities, Su Mo put away his thoughts.

Right now, the ownership of the ruin still belonged to Sun Bahu.

It would be impossible to attempt if they did not get rid of him.

As long as they dealt with Sun Bahu, they would have a lot of time to attempt to solve the questions and also obtain other secrets from them.

“Well talk about this later.

Tell me as much as possible about Sun Bahus combat troops and weapons.

“I need the most accurate information on them!”


Feng Long started to record as Hou Tielong sat on the ground explaining what he saw, occasionally pausing to think about it.


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