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“Whats the matter, Captain Huang Whats the meaning of this…”

Liu Kai walked toward Huang Bing with a smile.

Previously, Huang Bing felt that Liu Kais smile was kind and amiable.

Right now, he only felt chills running down his spine after realizing that they were smuggling the goods.

“The…transfer order.


Subconsciously, Huang Bing wanted to spit out the doubts in his heart to ask the other party why items not listed on the transfer order were inside their carts.

He desperately wanted to ask whether they were enriching their pockets by smuggling goods.

However, as soon as he slightly lowered his head, he noticed a gun around Liu Kais waist and a black-clothed guard holding a rifle standing near the transport team.

“I saw fifty-three carts on the transfer order, but I counted fifty-one instead.

The numbers do not add up!

“According to the rules, Im not allowed to let you out.

Your number of carts has to match!”

“Fifty-one carts Its impossible that the numbers are wrong.”

Hearing that it was only the number of carts and not other problems, Liu Kas tensed face relaxed.

Although he spoke as if he was surprised, the smile on his face remained highly arrogant.

He waved his hand and instructed his subordinates to bring the transfer order again.

Then, he secretly took out something from his pocket and handed it over together.

“Captain Huang, please do check more thoroughly this time.

Its dark, and weve got a long way to travel.

In case the transportation is delayed…

“I cant afford to bear the responsibility alone!”

Huang Bing could not recognize the threatening tone in his voice this time.

He was trying his best to suppress his trembling hands and the fear that had already consumed his thoughts.

He reached out to retake the transfer order and felt something familiar under the paper again.

His face immediately froze.

Then, pretending to recheck the number of carts, Huang Bing headed into a dimmer place and peeped at the thing stuffed into his hands.

In the cigarette pack were no longer a pitiful six cigarettes.

Instead, it was a full pack with 20 cigarettes!

According to the market price, a whole pack of cigarettes could be exchanged for about 5 kilograms of flour.

It was enough food for an average adult to survive for half a month!

This was a huge profit, considered a “sky-high” amount for Huang Bing, who had never taken a bribe before.

‘This Liu Kai guy mustve thought I wasnt satisfied with the bribe and did not want to offend the third exchange centers captain.

Thus, he is trying to give me more.

‘F*ck, f*ck…

‘Theres definitely something fishy about them.

What should I do

In the face of such a great bribe, Huang Bing was filled with undisguised fear instead of joy.

He was a small Level 2 resident of Main Peak—an inconspicuous low-level person in Origin Territory.

Huang Bing walked past the supply carts and began formulating a plan on how he should run away the next day after letting these people go.

After all, even though he had a little more sense of belonging than ordinary refugees, he was not a hundred percent loyal to the territory.

He was left with only two options knowing that the consequence of the scheme being discovered tonight was “death.”

He either lived dishonorably or died righteously.

‘Ill survive if I choose to carry on in guilt, but only a few of the thirty thousand people will be able to survive this winter.

‘Choosing to do the right thing even if I end up dying… Im only twenty-nine! I dont want to f*cking die yet!

Huang Bing had already gone through the 13th cart out of 50, but his mind was still in a moral conflict, unable to make a decision.

At that moment, he did not want to care about anything and simply run away with his cousin the following day.

However, when he thought about the seemingly prosperous territory turning into a living hell, he could not help but slap himself and call himself a worthless being.

During his indecisiveness, he had arrived at the last three carts.

He desperately wanted to run away quickly to report them to the Guards Department.

Yet, when he peeked at the man holding a gun, occasionally glancing at him, he could only curse in his heart.

Suddenly, he remembered the profound words Mr.

Yang had shared during the day.

He was surprised that Su Mo could catch on to the abnormalities in the territory without detailed information.

Meanwhile, those living inside the territory were like fools being toyed with.

“Huang Bing.

Huang Bing…”

Amid the confusion, Huang Bings mind was already blank, but a familiar voice suddenly sounded beside him.

His first instincts told him that it was a hallucination.

Huang Bing did not bother and simply thought to himself,F*ck.

If I was like Mr.

Yang and had dozens of skilled men under me, I wouldnt have to be afraid of these b*stards…

However, when he heard the voice for a second time, he immediately realized it was real and began to look for the source.

‘What the f*ck is this


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