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Chapter 65 – Severing Ties

Ji Ran walked all the way out and even bumped into Lao Xing when he left.

Lao Xing stopped him.

“Where are you going in a hurry Are you going to find trouble for me again”

“Am I that bored” Ji Ran took two steps and thought of something.

He turned around and asked, “How is your wife”

Once, while skipping class, he heard Lao Xing crying in the security room, begging the doctor over the phone.

The person who was usually fierce had actually cried like a child.

“She passed away two years ago.” Lao Xing didn’t bother to ask how he knew, “I saw you passing by the school gate every day, but you never came in.

I thought you gained a conscience, but you still came back today to make trouble for me.

“Alright, you can stop staring at me.

I’m leaving now.”

Lao Xing looked at the person following behind and raised a brow in surprise.

“How did you get together with him”

“Who got together with who Ji Ran took out a cigarette and threw it over.

“For you, take it as compensation.

I’ll bring more the next time I come around, bye.”

Lao Xing took the cigarette silently.

When Qin Man walked past him, he cast a glance over and nodded; it could be considered a form of greeting.

Then, he followed and left.

Lao Xing stared at the two retreating figures and let out a silent sigh in his heart.

Although these two people looked normal, each one was more perverted than the next.

One has a violent temper and gots into fights regularly.

The other…

He suddenly recalled what he saw on one of his patrols years ago.

That time, he saw Ji Ran smoking in the unopened teaching building again.

Just as he was about to go up to him, he saw Ji Ran throw the cigarette on the windowsill.

Knowing that even if he caught him, the school would not do anything with Ji Ran, so he simply saved his effort.

Unexpectedly, after Ji Ran left, the door of the empty classroom next to him suddenly opened, giving him a fright.

The boy, who sat firmly at the top of the school in terms of results, appeared.

He picked up the long-burned out cigarette, put it in his mouth, and took two puffs.

Finally, as if he was unaccustomed to it, he threw away the cigarette butt.

Qin Man drove the way back while Ji Ran sat in the passenger seat with his legs crossed and took out his mobile phone to kill some time, then remembered that he had switched it off.

“Do you have any games on your phone” Ji Ran asked.

“Yeah, I downloaded this to play with you previously.” Saying so, Qin Man passed his phone to Ji Ran without hesitation.

“… I’ll just play this, I won’t look at your stuff.”

“You can look.”

Ji Ran keyed in the passcode Qin Man provided and entered the Battle Royale game.

The phone logged into Qin Man’s account by default and entered the game.

It was too troublesome to change accounts, so he could only log in using WeChat and simply used Qin Man’s account to play.

Just as he was about to start a match, he saw a game invitation pop up.

【Wen Xiao invites you to join the group】

Ji Ran had just made sure he saw the message correctly when a WeChat message immediately popped up at the top of the phone.

[Wen Xiao: I didn’t expect you to play battle royale, want to team up]

Alright, take it that he didn’t say anything earlier.

Ji Ran opened the message box with a dark face, thinking to himself: If you let me find you chatting with this fool, I’ll blow up Man Cheng High.

There were a lot of messages in the chat interface, but most of them were sent by Wen Xiao.

Wen Xiao: Are you there

Wen Xiao: Do you have time to get afternoon tea together

Wen Xiao: [Photo] I went to the gym today, look.

Do you like working out

Q: [Project contract amendment]

Wen Xiao: Received.

Wen Xiao: I don’t quite understand some details of the contract.

Let’s meet up to discuss it.

There’s a new French restaurant opening nearby, right next to your company.

My treat.

Q: [Business card recommendation: Qu Ran]

Wen Xiao: …

And then, the message just now.

Ji Ran opened the photo and sneered.

Aren’t you embarrassed to show off these two pieces of meat

He opened Wen Xiao’s personal information, and was about to take a look at his circle of friends.

When he opened it, he found that Qin Man had set a special setting for the other party – Hide any status or messages from this friend.

“Why did you mute other’s status” It was only after he asked this question that Ji Ran realised he had exposed himself.

Qin Man swept a glance at the phone.

“He flooded the page with all his photos, it was quite annoying.”

Pausing for a moment, Ji Ran added, “He sent a message and I accidentally opened it.”

“It’s okay.

I did say you can look if you want to.”

“When did you add him as a friend”

“Some time ago, when the contract was signed.

Since this project is in my hands, I’ll have to complete it.

Once it’s over, I’ll delete him.”

Seeing Wen Xiao killed any interest Ji Ran had in playing games.

He locked the phone and turned to look out the window.

After a brief moment of silence, Qin Man suddenly asked, “Who were you talking to today”

“That’s Lao Xing.

He’s the school security guard, even in the past.”

“No, I meant the one sitting next to you.

Why did he keep smiling at you”

Ji Ran, “… That’s none of your business.”

“Of course it is, I’m pursuing you.”

“I haven’t accepted you.”

“You haven’t rejected me, either..”


Before Ji Ran could speak, Qin Man reached out a hand and squeezed his fingers, interrupting him.

“That was from the earlier confession, there’s no use in rejecting it now.”

Ji Ran was amused and the corners of his lips twitched.

He raised his chin and stared, “Who says there’s no use I’ll let you give up right now.”

“No way.” Qin Man replied without any change in expression.

“You can have no love for me, but don’t hurt me.”

Ji Ran sneered and nodded.


They both hung around until dinner time before they ate some western food and returned home.

There was a familiar black car parked in front of the house with its owner still sitting inside.

No one knew how long they had waited.

Ji Ran had just seen this car at the school’s back gate today.

After seeing the driver standing beside the car door, his smile disappeared.

He didn’t expect the other person to come knocking on his door so soon.

He originally wanted at least a day of peace.

“Go put the car in the garage,” Ji Ran said, opening the door.

It wasn’t good for him to intervene in this matter, so Qin Man was only silent for a moment before he agreed, “Okay.”

Ji Guo Zheng didn’t intend to get out of the car so just as Ji Ran neared the black car, the chauffeur opened the door.

There was the sound of a tongue clicking, indicating for him to get in.

The moment the door closed, Ji Guo Zheng bellowed.

“F*cking bastard! What the hell did you do! Do you know how serious things are right now!”

“What did I do” Ji Ran pondered for a moment.

“Oh, I seemed to have exposed the lousy school.

Since this is considered reporting using my real name, I wonder if the educational bureau will give me a reward.”

Ji Guo Zheng couldn’t hold himself back.

He raised a hand – but before his palm could make contact, it was gripped firmly.

“You can’t win against me, save your effort.” Ji Ran sneered.

Ji Guo Zheng’s eyes widened in disbelief.

A moment later, he snatched his hand back.

“You’re on your own from now on!” Ji Guo Zheng roared, “In the future, you will no longer receive any form of allowance no matter how good or bad your life is.

You will have no relations to my Ji family!”

“Sure.” Ji Ran agreed without hesitation.

Ji Guo Zheng froze.

“… What”

“Do you think you’re very cool Or awesome Ji Ran, you’re already 24, it’s long past your rebellious phase.

When will you grow up!”

Ji Ran remained calm and even felt this was ridiculous.

“It was you who mentioned severing all relationships while I simply agreed.

What does it have to do with my rebellious period”

“You don’t need to keep being arrogant.” Ji Guozheng said with a dark face, “Everything that you are eating and wearing now, all of them came from me.

Do you still think you are amazing!”

Ji Ran thought of something and nodded, “Speaking of this, I also wanted to clear this with you.”

Ji Guozheng: “… What is it”

“Since we’re severing all relations, let’s do it more thoroughly.

I have a bill in hand that I’ll send to you in the next couple of days.

You can take a look to ensure nothing is missing, otherwise I’ll add it on.

If there’s nothing wrong, let’s have a clean break so everyone is happy.”

Ji Guozheng was stunned.

“What bill What clean break”

“I will return the car and money I have taken from you over the years.

I hardly touched the car you bought for me, so if you want, you can take it back anytime.

There’s no issue even if you want to factor in its depreciation, I will calculate its interest for you.”

Ji Ran said with a smile, “Don’t worry.

In short, you won’t lose money.”

Ji Guozheng was really shocked this time.

These words sounded like a joke — How could Ji Ran possibly remember every single transaction in the last few years Even wanting to pay back the interest Where did Ji Ran get this money from

But Ji Ran’s expression was so natural, there wasn’t a hint of a lie.

“Is there anything else you want to say Otherwise, I’ll be going” Ji Ran interrupted his train of thoughts impatiently.

Ji Guo Zheng was silent for a moment before he spoke.

“Why was Qin Man in your car Why did he come back with you”

There was a short pause before Ji Ran quickly said calmly, “He has nowhere to go, so he came to stay with me.

What is it Don’t tell me you even want to manage this”

“You’re staying together, yet you aren’t able to request for a single project from him”

“It’s not ‘requesting’.

I have no interest in the project.” Ji Ran laughed and corrected him.

“Moreover, friends are meant to have fun together, not to be taken advantage of.

Having lived for so many years, how do you still not get this”

Ji Guo Zheng was enraged.

“How dare you speak to your father in this manner”

“Right, before our relationship is clearly established, I will definitely be polite to you.” Ji Ran was too lazy to continue this conversation.

He opened the door and got off.

“Father, take care.”

Without waiting for Ji Guo Zheng’s reply, he slammed the door shut.

As soon as he entered, he saw Qin Man standing by the door with his arms folded.

“What are you standing here for”

“Afraid that you’ll get into a fight with uncle.”

Ji Ran scoffed.

“What You think I can’t beat him”

“En,” Qin Man raised an eyebrow.

“There’s the chauffeur too, I’m afraid you’ll suffer a loss.”

“…” Ji Ran decided to let him off and simply walked in.

“If we really fought, it would be people like you who suck up to the elders who wouldn’t help me.

Keep bull**ting.”

Qin Man grinned but didn’t reply.

After Ji Ran went in, he turned back and glanced at the black car outside for a moment before shutting the door.

That night, Ji Ran finished washing up and gave Cheng Peng a call.

Qin Man sat beside him.

Ji Ran didn’t pay any heed and simply got straight to the point while playing on the iPad.

“Are you done with the calculation for the shares and dividends”

“It’s done.

But are you sure you’re going to sell them all to me The company is expanding right now, there’ll be profits in the future.

Even if you sell only half of it, it’s enough to pay back your father in full.”

Over the years, Old Madam Ji and Ji Guo Zheng had given him a lot of money.

In addition to these, Zhao Qingtong was also an actress with some savings in her name.

After her death, the assets went to him.

He didn’t let the money idle.

He threw it all to Cheng Peng who, in addition to his family business, also started a company with his partners and was extremely successful.

Therefore, Ji Ran didn’t hesitate to invest and now, every quarter, he would receive a large sum of dividend.

Back then, the reason why he was able to bring out so much money to sponsor Qin Man was also because of this.

Otherwise, the hundreds of thousands he received a month would not even be enough for him.

If it wasn’t for annoying Ji Wei, he wouldn’t bother to continue receiving the “living expenses” charged to his account every month.

“I already decided to sell it all.

With these shares, wouldn’t your position in the company be more stable Back then, I never sold it even when others came to look for me.

Okay, don’t talk nonsense, just tell me if you’re buying or not.

Being long-winded isn’t like you at all.”

“Alright, then I’ll give you some benefits later on.” Cheng Peng laughed, “Isn’t this because I’m afraid you’ll lose your income and starve”

“Scram.” Ji Ran joked, “I’m in a game, bye.”

Qin Man listened quietly, only asking after the call had ended.

“You play stocks”

“Just for fun,” Ji Ran casually replied.

From his conversation earlier, Qin Man knew that this ‘just for fun’ had allowed him to earn quite a sum.

He never expected his junior brother to have such a talent.

“Also, earlier you said something about paying back your father in full… what does that mean”

“Before severing ties, don’t you have to calculate things clearly” Ji Ran replied.

Qin Man raised a brow.

“You still remember everything after so many years”

“More or less.” Ji Ran was killed in-game and he let out a frustrated sigh.

“Why are you asking so many questions Stop asking, I need to concentrate.”

Qin Man remained silent, but his gaze fell on Ji Ran.

If it wasn’t for having already decided this from the start, no one would remember every single benefit they ever received from someone else.

After a full day, Ji Ran grew tired from a few matches.

Just as he fell asleep, the cellphone on the bed vibrated.

Qin Man, who was reading a report, heard the sound and looked up.

It was He Suiran.

Seeing the person in bed move, as if about to wake up, Qin Man didn’t think twice before picking up the call.

“Ji Ran” On the other side, amidst the bellowing winds, He Suiran spoke.

“I moved my car over, it’s now in Man Cheng’s race track.

How about it, want to come over for a round”

“He doesn’t want to.”

The man’s voice was deep, causing He Suiran to freeze for a moment.

“Why is it you Where’s Ji Ran”


After learning that the man he’d looked up to for many years was h*mos*xual, He Suiran felt extremely tense.

He gritted his teeth.

“You have no right to take his calls.

I want to speak to him.”

“He has a bad temper when waking up, are you sure” Qin Man smiled.

“There’s nothing he loves more than race cars.”

Qin Man’s gaze darkened.

A moment later, he laughed softly.


Lying on his side, Ji Ran was sleeping in his lap.

Qin Man leaned forward and softly called beside his ear, “Ji Ran, you have a call.”

Ji Ran was sleeping extremely well when he suddenly felt a tickle near his ear.

He was extremely used to such a feeling so he didn’t even think before raising a hand to push against Qin Man’s face.

“Bastard.” Too tired, he didn’t even hear what the other person had said before throwing out a single sentence.

“Tired, not doing it anymore.”

The person across the phone fell silent for a while before the call ended.

Qin Man laughed and rubbed his ears in satisfaction.

Then, he slowly put the phone back in its original position.

T/n: what a scheming bas– jk I love him


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