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Panguinea was two time zones later than the Sand Eagle headquarters.

When the oasis of the Sand Eagle headquarters was already covered in sunlight, the sky in Panguinea had just lit up.

In the still dark sky, Chu Nan and Angie Prairie jumped into a residential house in the periphery of the outskirts of Panguinea like two wisps of green smoke.

Then, they darted to the rack in the courtyard that was drying clothes and pulled down the few clothes they had forgotten to take back.

After doing this, Angie Prairie took out a few banknotes and threw them on the ground before leaving with Chu Nan.

A moment later, they arrived at a dark corner of a street not far away.

Chu Nan hurriedly chose two of the clothes he had obtained and put them on.

“Damn, this is too small.

Are the people in this family so short” Chu Nan finally put on his clothes but discovered that regardless of whether it was his clothes or pants, they were clearly smaller and looked extremely ill-fitting.

However, he had nothing to complain about at this moment.

After all, it felt much better than flying in midair with Angie Prairie on his back, but because he did not have any clothes to wear, he could only enjoy the cold wind.

He looked down at the short shirt that was barely used to cover his vital points around his waist.

After hesitating for a moment, he untied it and asked Angie Prairie, “Do you want this”

“Why not If I dont wear it, its very inconvenient for me.”

Angie Prairie reached out and took it, putting the short shirt she had just taken off back on.

Looking at her actions, Chu Nans expression was a little strange.

This short shirt had surrounded his waist and blocked his vital points just now.

Ordinary girls would definitely have some reservations.

They might just not want it.

However, because Angie Prairie had taken off her short shirt, only a tight vest was left on her upper body.

It was indeed not good to walk out like this.

“Forget it.

As long as she doesnt mind.”

Chu Nan shrugged and opened his personal terminal.

He discovered that Panguinea was indeed the largest city in this area.

Although they were still in the suburbs, it was already connected to the Milky Way Network.

He immediately opened the communication interface and chose to send a communication request to Dong Fang.

On the other hand, Angie Prairie had already put on her clothes.

When she saw Chu Nans actions, she opened her personal terminal and chose to send a communication request to her “Master”.

A moment later, the call Chu Nan sent was picked up.

Dong Fangs face that had become much more handsome because of his success in losing weight appeared on the virtual screen.

“Heh, Chu Nan, you… Eh Whats wrong with your clothes” Dong Fang asked in surprise.

“Dont worry about the clothes.

I have something very important to tell you.

Its about the Rand Clansmen.

Listen carefully…” Chu Nan roughly described the main point to Dong Fang before asking, “Is there a way to help these Rand Clansmen resolve the crisis I reckon that Sand Eagles group will come again.

At that time, I wont be able to stop them.”

“What you did yesterday was already very risky and unnecessary.” Dong Fang criticized bluntly, “No matter how powerful those two cultivation methods are, theyre not worth risking your life.

If you die, whats the use of giving you any good cultivation method!”

Chu Nan touched his nose and knew that Dong Fang was worried about him, so he did not refute and only smiled, “Arent I fine now Tell me, is there a way to save these Rand Clansmen”

“Are you addicted to saving the Rand Clansmen” Dong Fang frowned and asked, “If you want to save another hundred or so people like Xius tribe, I can think of a way.

However, you said that there are at least 20,000 Rand Clansmen in this Holy Mountain.

How can I have a way If theyre still in the federation, thats fine, but its impossible in this lousy place.”

Seeing that Dong Fang spoke firmly, Chu Nan frowned.

“According to you, we can only watch them die”

“Kid, dont be a saint.” Dong Fang shook his head and sighed, “If they think it through themselves and are willing to save themselves, then, of course, its fine.

However, they insisted on staying there to court death.

Could it be that you plan to die with them Alright, cut the crap.

You should be in Panguinea now, right Ill send someone to pick you up.

Keep the communication smooth so that I can contact you.”

Chu Nan frowned and thought for a moment before admitting that Dong Fang was right.

He did not have the ability to fight a huge organization like the Sand Eagle alone and save more than 20,000 Rand Clansmen.

If he had to return and help them resist the attack that the Sand Eagle might attack again, he might lose his life.

It would have been fine if he was alone.

He was confident that he could escape alone, but Angie Prairie was also here.

With her current strength, because she could not fly, it was not so easy to escape together.

Chu Nans gaze landed on Angie Prairie and she happened to look up.

“Come, Master wants to talk to you.”

“Hmm” Chu Nan walked over in surprise.

As expected, he saw Supremacy Ovilles young and beautiful face that did not match her age on the virtual screen opened by Angie Prairies personal terminal.

“Heh, Chu Nan, I heard from Angie Prairie that you flew with her on your back for a long time”

Chu Nan was immediately embarrassed and could not help but glare at Angie Prairie.

Why did this girl tell Supremacy Oville this

Angie Prairie did not look ashamed.

Instead, she laughed.

“I think this is very fun.

Master, dont you think so”

“Yes, its very fun.” Supremacy Oville nodded.

Although she was still smiling, there was a trace of hostility in her eyes, “Chu Nan, do you think its very fun”

Chu Nan waved his hand and hurriedly said, “No, no, no… I didnt do this on purpose.

I… I just have no choice.

My clothes have been burned when I fought with others.

I… I dont want to keep my butt closed in front of Angie Prairie.

You have to believe me, really!”

Supremacy Oville snorted softly, “Forget it.

If anyone else dares to do this, Ill definitely cut that thing off.

But you… Angie Prairie has no objections, so neither do I.

However, kid, you still have to be careful.

If you misunderstand Angie Prairie because of this and plan to do something to her, dont blame me for being ruthless!”

Chu Nan was shocked and hurriedly waved his hand and shook his head.

“No… no, you dont have to worry.

I wont do anything to Angie Prairie… cough… anything…”

Angie Prairie looked at Chu Nan in confusion and then at Supremacy Oville on the virtual screen.

“What are you talking about Chu Nan touched me What do you mean Master, he didnt do anything to me.

Could it be that you think its bad for him to be naked in front of me I dont think theres a problem.”


Chu Nan and Supremacy Oville held their foreheads and sighed at the same time.

Sensing the other partys actions, the two of them could not help but look at each other and see the helplessness in each others eyes.

Chu Nan smiled bitterly at Supremacy Oville and moved his lips.

“This is the good disciple you taught”

Supremacy Oville curled her lips and looked even more helpless.

“Its already like this.

What can we do”

The two of them quickly exchanged a few glances and suddenly felt that the relationship between the two sides had quickly become much closer.


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