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Su Yanyun was pregnant and somehow had a financier backing her.

Mother Su also received the best treatment.

As for the Song family, they suffered an “undeserved catastrophe” and all their partnerships were suspended.

No one would believe that there wasnt a powerful figure controlling all of this.

Song Zhifei suffered at Jiang Chengxis tonight…

He told Jiang Chengxi that Su Yanyun was pregnant with his child just to blackmail him.

But now, he couldnt help but be a little worried… Could the person behind Su Yanyun really be Jiang Chengxi

If she really was Jiang Chengxis mistress, then with Jiang Chengxis status and means, wouldnt all his efforts be for nothing

Song Demings expression was dark.

“Based on my investigations, Im almost sure that all of this is Su Bowangs scheme!”

“Su Bowang” This answer was a little different from Song Zhifeis imagination.

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“You still dont understand” Song Deming sneered.

“That old fox Su Bowang pretended to stop Su Yanyuns mothers treatment just to force us to take action! Theyre playing a mind game to trick you into getting a divorce.

This way, the Su familys property will not be given to others!”

“What! Theyre that shameless” Rong Xiaoping had already forgotten that she was the one who insisted Su Yanyun divorce her son.

She glared at him.

“We were cheated of a divorce! This divorce doesnt count!”

The premise of transferring the Su familys property was that Su Yanyun had to be over eighteen years old and her mother would have to die.

Now, Mother Su was still alive and well, but Su Yanyun had left the marriage with Song Zhifei.

Even if Mother Su really passed on, the Su familys property had nothing to do with the Song family anymore.

Song Zhifei clenched his fists.

“Then, what do we do now that were divorced”

“Isnt that obvious” Rong Xiaoping said sharply.

“Let that bitch remarry you! She didnt even leave her property behind and wants to escape.

How can you let her off so easily”

At the side, Luo Weimin was a little worried when she heard that Rong Xiaoping wanted Song Zhifei and Su Yanyun to remarry.

But after hearing that the Song family only wanted the Su familys property, she was relieved.

Ha! Anyway, Su Yanyun was pregnant with someone elses bastard child.

Even if she remarried, she was just a withered flower that was no threat to her.

In contrast, she was pregnant with the Song familys child, so she could torture and humiliate her for a while when Su Yanyun was back…

Thinking of this, Luo Weimins voice was calm.

“Dad, Mom, is there a way I can help with this matter Ive planted spies in the company Su Yanyun works in.

If theres anything you need my help with, just let me know.”

Song Deming nodded in approval.

“Minmin, you really know the big picture.

What we need to do now is to let Zhifei pursue Su Yanyun again and get her to agree to remarry.”

Luo Weimins expression darkened.

“A fake pursuit.” Rong Xiaoping understood a womans jealous thoughts.

She quickly smiled.

“Ultimately, its just to create an opportunity for us to trick Su Yanyun and get her to sign the contract again and agree to remarry.”

Luo Weimin was about to say something when Song Zhifei sat down beside her.

“Miner.” His voice was full of concern.

“Dont worry, only you can be my wife.

Once the Su familys property is in my hands, I promise to divorce Su Yanyun immediately.”

Luo Weimin gritted her teeth secretly.

In order to marry into the Song family smoothly, she had no choice but to risk it.

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