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“Of course!” Rong Xuelong looked away with a sour expression.

“Its not that you behavior is abnormal, but mother is suspicious.

Do you think Im willing to enter your tomb-like house The other family heads are extravagant and have many women around them.

Your place is cold and cheerless like a haunted house.

Rong Linyi, tell me, are you a qualified rich second-generation heir”

Rong Linyi walked out of the room and closed the door.

“Lets talk downstairs.”

Rong Xuelong raised her eyes.

“Youre willing to talk to me As expected, theres a problem!”

The two of them went to the guest room downstairs.

Rong Linyi didnt turn on the lights and just sat on the sofa.

“Tell me, why didnt you attend the board meeting today” Rong Xuelong lit a cigarette leisurely.

Before he even put it to his lips, Rong Linyi said coldly, “Get rid of that.”

Rong Xuelongs eyes narrowed.

The siblings sharp eyes met.

Rong Xuelong ultimately lost and put out the cigarette resentfully.

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“Its strange.” She chuckled.

“Second Young Master Rong, you have a lot of problems…”

Rong Linyi had never bothered with her smoking before.

“Those who dont know would think that youre hiding a pregnant woman here.” Rong Xuelong tilted her head slowly.

As the Rong familys eldest daughter of this generation, Rong Xuelong looked willful and unrestrained.

Even though she was all smiles, she was actually shrewd and had extraordinary insight.

“Forget it, I dont want to care about what youre angry with mother about.

I came over only to tell you something.” Rong Xuelong seemed to have given up on investigating Rong Linyis secret.

She clasped her hands together.

“Its Grandmas 60th birthday tomorrow night.

You will participate, right”

“It depends on my mood.” Rong Linyi rubbed his brows.

“Of course.

Come over.” Rong Xuelongs voice was low.

“Dont be stubborn.

You dont want mother to be criticized by that old woman, right Even if youre unhappy with what she did back then, she still did it for your own good.”

“You know why I dont want to go.” Rong Linyi looked at Rong Xuelong coldly.

At each family dinner, the elders in the family would always invite a large group of the C Citys socialites over for their own purposes.

Rong Xuelong sighed.

“Brother, dont wait anymore…” She said in a sincere and earnest tone.

“That woman isnt worth your time… Its even less worth it to make a fuss over her and mother.

You know what she did to mother back then…”

“Mother has done similar things to her, right” Rong Linyi interrupted Rong Xuelong and suddenly gritted his teeth.

“Thats why I didnt leave with her and havent contacted her all these years.

The two of them are even now.

I promised not to marry her in this life, but I cant possibly face Mother calmly either.

Tell Mother to stop spending so much effort to reconcile with me.”

Rong Xuelong stood up suddenly.

“Rong Linyi.” She pointed at him and said hatefully, “Do you know that every time you say such nonsense, I want to slap you!”

Rong Linyi sneered and was about to say something.

Rong Xuelong suddenly gritted her teeth in hatred.

“If you want to protect your little princess, I have to protect my mother too.

Its okay if you dont understand her.

No one in this family has an easy life!”

The room was silent.

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After a long time, Rong Xuelong suddenly relit her cigarette.

“Get rid of it.” Rong Linyi ordered again.

“No!” Rong Xuelong insisted.

Rong Linyi didnt say anything else but suddenly reached out, snatched the cigarette from Rong Xuelongs hand and put it out.


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