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“When will her condition improve” Rong Linyi asked.

“We cant say for sure,” the doctor wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“From what I see, Miss Su is probably devastated or disappointed about certain things or people in her life.

Combined with her head injury, it leads to conditions like hers.

She now… sees you, Young Master Yi, as her…”

The doctor stopped here in apprehension.

“Go on,” Rong Linyi ordered.

The doctor had no choice but to continue, “Sees you as her lover, and shes sure that youre her… husband.

We dont know when she will snap out of it…”

“What ways do you have to do that” Rong Linyi interrupted him mid-sentence.

Upon hearing the doctors words, he couldnt help but feel a sense of annoyance.

Rong Linyi, a single man whod never really been in contact with women, couldnt decipher the sort of feelings he was experiencing now.

“Dont be too worried, Young Master Yi.” The doctor suggested.

“You can transfer Miss Su to a specialized medical institution, or hand her over to her family.

I believe shell be able to recover better that way.”

Su Yanyun glanced at the doctor, and then at Rong Linyi.

She wasnt too sure what they were talking about.

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“Hubby, I think Im alright, I dont need any treatment.” She stroked her abdomen and mumbled, “And Babys being good too, right Mummy and Daddy are waiting for you to grow up well.”

Rong Linyi… suddenly felt like giving up on the treatment…

“Young Master Yi, whats going on here” The assistant whispered to him.

Rong Linyis gaze landed on Su Yanyuns face.

She looked up at him expectantly with a smile.

But however beautiful and adorable, she was already someone elses…

“Inform the Su family and have them take her.” His time was cold as usual, without a hint of hesitation nor pity.

“Ive found that slut!” Song Zhifei said to Luo Weimin and his mother after he hung up.

“That sort of slut should be left to her devices.

Why bring her back to us” Song Zhifeis mother said crudely.

“Shes been married into our family for three years but theres been no sign of a baby.

She wasted three years of our food! Just look at Minmin, shes been here for just a while and shes expecting my grandchild already.”

“Were getting her back to sign the papers.” Song Zhifei smiled deviously.

“Shell sign the divorce papers, and all of her mothers assets will belong to us…”

“Then lets hurry and get her back!” Song Zhifeis mother got excited.

“Whod have guessed that shes the only heiress of the Su Group No wonder that pervert Su Bowang keeps trying to get together with her.”

“Weve Miner to thank for this.” Song Zhifei held Luo Weimins hand.

“If she hadnt gotten insider news about Su Yanyun, we wouldnt have been able to plot this…”

Luo Weimin said coquettishly, “So how do you intend to thank me”

“But, if you divorce Su Yanyun just like that, wont outsiders have a lot to say about it…” Luo Weimin feigned cautiousness.

“Whats so difficult about that.” Song Zhifei grinned confidently.

“Its easy to doctor evidence of adultery.

Moreover, Su Yanyun is a foolish woman!”


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