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“What fish are you talking about” Su Yanyun was still angry.

“Mermaids Have you seen a mermaid that has puffy cheeks”

Rong Linyi was calm.



“But Ive seen pufferfish before.”

Su Yanyun was speechless.

She rolled her eyes in anger.

“Youre the pufferfish! Your whole family are pufferfish!” Su Yanyun was so angry she exploded.

She waved her fists around wildly and aimed them all at Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi grabbed Su Yanyuns hand.

His lips curled into a strange smile and his eyes shined with mischief.

“Miss Pufferfish, you have to calm down.

What will happen if you give birth to two pufferfish babies”

Su Yanyun held her face in fear.

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“No way!” She really couldnt imagine what the two pufferfish babies were like.

“Dont talk nonsense.

Arent you the father You cant talk about your babies like that!”

Rong Linyi hid the discomfort in his eyes and smiled.

He hugged Su Yanyun.

“I dont even despise you, Miss Pufferfish so why would I despise your babies”

Su Yanyun was about to say something when Rong Linyi pressed a finger to her lips.

“Okay, dont continue this topic.” His expression was cold.

Without any warning, the warm atmosphere in the car disappeared.

Su Yanyun could sense her husbands displeasure.

She obediently shut her mouth and hugged her little red book as she pondered over the photos.

The Maybach stopped at an intersection.

Jiang Tong got down from the car in front and walked quickly to the car window while holding his phone.

“Young Master Yi, Madam is calling to look for you.”

Rong Linyi didnt answer and only stared coldly at Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong immediately stood up and said into the phone.

“Im sorry, Madam.

Young Master Yi would never use my phone to talk to you.”

“Put me on speaker.” Madam Rongs voice was as cold as Rong Linyis, and it sounded equally authoritative.

Jiang Tong took his phone out awkwardly and put it on speaker.

This was the first time Su Yanyun had heard Madam Rongs voice…

“Why didnt you answer my call” Madam Rongs voice came from the phones speaker.

She didnt sound like she was talking to her son, but like she was interrogating a criminal.

“Im busy.” Rong Linyis answer was perfunctory.

“The board of directors will be having a meeting in the afternoon.

Come over.” Madam Rong ordered over the phone.

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“Im not free.” Rong Linyi was a man of few words.

“You must.” Madam Rong demanded.

“Take it away.” Rong Linyi turned his head away.

Jiang Tong had no choice but to take his phone back and cancel the call.

“Madam, my apologies.

Young Master Yi isnt feeling too well today… Well, he just went to visit Young Master Ze and isnt in a good mood.

He doesnt want to see anyone…”

Su Yanyun tried to eavesdrop.

Young Master Ze That friend lying in the hospital

The car door was already opened.

Rong Linyi pressed down on her shoulder and got her to lie back on the seat.

“Dont ask anything.” He said coldly before Su Yanyun could respond.

Su Yanyun had no choice but to deal with the questions on her own.

The car drove straight back to the Lin River Courtyard.

It was still early.

The first thing Rong Linyi did when he got home was to obviously take a bath.

Su Yanyun was no exception.

When she was done washing up, it was already time for dinner.


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