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“My Hubby is…” Su Yanyun was about to say it but stopped herself.

Her husband was Rong Linyi.

Wouldnt it be bad to publicize this matter

The two of them had been together for three years.

No one in the outside world knew either, so it was considered a hidden marriage, right

“Su Yanyun, answer me.

Who is your hubby” The police questioned again.

“My… my hubby… His surname is… Rong.” Su Yanyun could only respond vaguely.

The police officers couldnt help but look at Shi Fang.

“See, I wasnt wrong, right” Shi Fang smiled sycophantically.

“Su Yanyun has schizophrenia.

I heard that she couldnt get pregnant and was caught cheating while married.

Thats why she has a problem with her brain.

She keeps saying that she married Rong Linyi…”

“Uncle, are you spreading rumors” Shi Fangs words fell into Su Yanyuns ears.

She was even more certain now that the Shi family were as horrible as the Song family.

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“Police officer, Im not schizophrenic.” Su Yanyun looked at the police seriously.

“Im not divorced nor have I cheated.

Im pregnant now and I have the hospitals certificate.”

The policeman saw that Su Yanyun was calm and was a little confused.

He asked immediately, “Then tell me, what is your hubbys name”

Su Yanyun sighed.

“Police, the Public Security System has internet access, right You should be able to find out, theres no need for me to say it.”

“You mean, your hubbys real surname is Rong” The police officer asked in disbelief.

Su Yanyun could only lower her head and admit softly.


However, Shi Fang slapped his thigh and yelled.

“Look! Police officer, this is it! Shes spreading rumors that shes married to Rong Linyi.

The mental hospital has already said that she has severe schizophrenia!”

“Rong Linyi Could it be Young Master Yi” Shi Ya joined in the fun.

“Is it that Young Master Yi who is rumored to be a cleanliness freak and doesnt like women”

“Haha, Ive always heard them talk about how fun it is to be a mentally ill patient.

Now that Ive seen it for myself, Im really dying of laughter.” First aunt threw her head back and laughed loudly.

Old Master Shi looked down at Su Yanyun coldly.

“Hmph! What a disgrace! As a mentally ill patient and a woman, what right do you have to inherit the property Su Yanyun, quickly sign the papers and dont let your property be cheated by others! We are your family, and we wont lie to you!”

Su Yanyun so furious that she was amused.

“Grandpa, if Im really a mentally ill patient, my signature wont work either.” She replied.

“You are mentally ill and we are your guardians!” Shi Fang boasted shamelessly.

“Of course we have to protect your property!”

“Officer” Su Yanyun looked at the police officer at the side.

She found it funny, but she also found it strange that the police officers were watching with folded arms.

“Su Yanyun, come and see for yourself.” The police officer sighed slightly, and felt more sympathy for this woman.

Su Yanyun walked over and looked at the polices computer.

Her personal details were clearly shown on the Internet of the Public Security Bureau.

Su Yanyuns eyes fell on the marriage column.

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The moment she saw the caller ID, her pupils contracted —

The status of their marriage clearly stated one thing: Divorcee!

“This…” Su Yanyun stood up.

How was this possible

She had even gone to the hospital affectionately with her husband in the morning, how could she be a divorcee!

The police officer turned around and looked at the Shi family.

“I suggest that your family members send her to the hospital…”


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