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Su Yanyun really wanted to hit her own head again.

Thats right!

She was still at work!

She actually forgot to take leave again.

What was she thinking all day

“Xinxin, I… Im on the way to the hospital…” Su Yanyun stammered.

“Hospital Whats wrong” Zheng Xins voice was nervous again.

“Did the interview yesterday affect the baby I told you not to interview Rong Linyi, but you refused to listen.

Do you want to take leave How about you just resign”

“Im going to see my Mother.” Su Yanyun clutched her phone tightly and glanced subconsciously at Rong Linyi beside her.

Just as she was about to say something…

Rong Linyi suddenly said coldly, “You can create an archive as well…”


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Su Yanyun and Zheng Xin were both surprised.

“Yanyun, who was that on the phone” Zheng Xin felt that the other partys voice didnt sound like Song Zhifeis.

“Get your colleague to apply for leave of absence for you.

You have to go to the hospital for a full body checkup and documentation today.” Rong Linyi ordered Su Yanyun casually.

“Yanyun, who are you with” Zheng Xin asked cautiously.

She thought of the rumors she heard in the office this morning…

“My hubby will accompany me to the hospital.” Su Yanyun was a little confused by Zheng Xins tone.

“Whats wrong”

Hearing Su Yanyuns honest voice, Zheng Xin heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its nothing.

If you have time, you should send an email requesting for leave.” She instructed Su Yanyun.

“Also, dont conceal your pregnancy.

You are pregnant, so you just have to do the logistic work.

Dont visit anyone else.”

After hanging up the call, Zheng Xin looked a little worried.

When she came to the office in the morning, Wang Tong was discussing some gossip with her colleagues.

When she saw her, they immediately went their separate ways.

However, Zheng Xin still heard the words “Su Yanyun”, “cheating” and “sugar baby”…

“Chief Editor, Su Yanyun is pregnant and needs to go to the hospital.

Ill let you know first.” Zheng Xin went to Editor Huangs office.

“She will send you an email later.”

A strange glint flashed across Chief Editor Huangs eyes when she blinked.

“Okay, I got it.”

“Look, shes really pregnant, right” Not far from the office, Zheng Xin heard Wang Tongs voice vaguely in the dark.

“I told you long ago that Su Yanyun is being taken care of by someone.”

“Its really unbelievable.” Another female colleague was very surprised.

“Isnt Su Yanyun married I heard she married someone well off.”

“Who knows what shes thinking Shes probably crazy about money.” Wang Tong smiled sarcastically.

“In the best case scenario, shes being taken care of by her man but in the worst case scenario, she might just be a surrogate for someone else.

I heard that the other party is an old man with problems in that aspect, so he wanted to find a young girl as a surrogate to give birth to his child.”

“Oh my god, I heard that it is really painful.

Su Yanyun is really bold.”

Wang Tong smiled proudly.

“Thats why I said shes obsessed with money… ah!”

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Suddenly, a glass of ice water fell on her head and drenched her completely.

“You! Zheng Xin!” Wang Tong saw the person who poured the water on her clearly.

“Are you crazy”

“Thank you, Im not!” Zheng Xin sneered.

“Because I dont need to go to the extent of gossiping behind my colleagues backs and slandering others!”

“I… what do you mean slandering Everything I said is the truth!” Wang Tong did not expect her words to fall into Zheng Xins ears and she felt ashamed out of anger.


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