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“Why did you people only listen to their side of the story!” Su Yanyun was enraged by the doctors diagnosis.

She pointed a finger at Rong Xiaoping, “If I told you today that shes mentally ill, would you also arrest her and lock her up Do you even have proper protocols This is an illegal infringement of freedom!”

Su Yanyuns words made sense, and the doctors present seemed to be hesitant now.

“Doctor, dont listen to her nonsense!” Rong Xiaoping rebutted.

“If she was mentally sound, would she claim that Rong Linyi is her husband Ask her, whose child is she carrying”

“Im not lying!” Su Yanyun was fuming, “You can verify this with Rong Linyi.

He is my other half, there is no doubt about that!”

The doctor waved her off impatiently.

“Stop talking, administer the drug on her!”

She was still claiming to be Linyis wife! Under such circumstances, any sound woman would have acknowledged their lie, just for self-protection if not anything else.

But Su Yanyun was evidently seeing herself as Rong Linyis rightful wife.

It wasnt uncommon to see schizophrenic and delusional patients like her in the mental institution.

Two doctors held Su Yanyun firmly while the other injected her.

Song Zhifei grinned as he mumbled, “I made you have an affair… made you pregnant with a bastard child…”

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“Let go of me—” Su Yanyun screamed in desperation.

“Let go of me, this is illegal! Youre hurting my baby, my family will come after you…”

“Enough with your nonsense!” Rong Xiaoping pointed her finger to her face unkindly.

“Doctor, give her a second dose, teach her a lesson!”

As the cold metal needle was about to pierce into her skin…

A sudden roar could be heard from the door.


In just a moments work, two bodyguards clad in black had already grabbed the doctors holding onto Su Yanyun and mercilessly shoved them against the wall.

The other doctors, including Rong Xiaoping, were all under control as well.


Su!” Jiang Tong hurriedly strode towards her.

“Ah Tong…” Su Yanyuns tears rolled down her face the moment she called his name.


Su, are you alright” Jiang Tongs heart thumped so quickly it almost jumped right out of his chest.

He had just been reporting Su Yanyuns situation to Rong Linyi, and the next moment he realized she had disappeared.


Jiang Tong hurriedly contacted the relevant departments and obtained the surveillance footage, before realizing that shed been taken to the mental institution.

It was the peak hour and the roads were congested, which was why Jiang Tong took so long to arrive with his men.

His heart almost fell when he saw the situation.

Jiang Tong knew how important Ms.

Su was to Young Master Yi.

If he found out that shed been treated this way…

This entire mental institution might very well be demolished.


Jiang Tong really wanted to slap himself.

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Hed been keeping an eye on Su Yanyun the whole day ever since he received his orders.

He personally saw her in front of the restaurant.

Considering that she had several colleagues around her, and she was in such an obvious position on the roof of the car, by right there shouldnt be any danger.

That was why he let his guard down…


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