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Even though Su Yanyun didnt understand why this man called Song Zhifei had to claim they were husband and wife and demand her to sign a divorce agreement.

But if she could leave after signing it…


When the enemy was stronger than her, this was her last choice.

Song Zhifei slammed the pen in front of Su Yanyun.

“Sign it.

Then I wont have to lock you up.

Ill still have to pay for your treatment if I lock you in a mental hospital.”

Su Yanyun took a deep breath.

She picked up a pen and signed her name on the divorce agreement.

Song Zhifei immediately opened the second page, but only revealed one corner.

“And a statement of renunciation of property.”

Su Yanyun looked up alertly.

“What property”

“Just sign if youre told to, need you spew so much nonsense” Rong Xiaoping pointed at Su Yanyuns nose.

“Do you believe Ill slap you Dont tell me you still want to take a cent of our Song familys possessions You ate our meals for free for three whole years, were already very chivalrous for not asking you to pay us back!”

“Let go!” Su Yanyun stared at Song Zhifei.

“I want to see whats on it, or I wont sign!”

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“Im telling you to sign!” Song Zhifei suddenly exploded.

He grabbed Su Yanyuns hair and pressed her head on the table.

Rong Xiaoping also pounced forward and held Su Yanyun from behind.

“What are you doing! Let go of me—” Su Yanyun screamed and threw away the pen.

Seeing that Su Yanyun refused to sign, Song Zhifei simply took the ink pad, grabbed her finger, and pressed her handprint on the declaration of property transfer.

“Let go of me! You two robbers!” Su Yanyun was shocked and furious.

“Ha! Whats wrong Are you still praying for your man to come save you” Rong Xiaoping growled violently while pressing Su Yanyun down.

“Today, Ill kill the bastard inside you and see how your scammer man protects you!”

Song Zhifei already took the documents and held them in his arms.

He sneered and headed towards the door.

Then, he shouted, “Doctor! Bad news! We cant control my wife and shes in a very bad mood.

Im afraid we can only give her an injection…”

“Song Zhifei! You shameless bastard!” Su Yanyun was startled.

“You said that you would let me go once I sign!”

“Ha!” Song Zhifei laughed insidiously.

“Su Yanyun, Ive always thought you were a stupid woman.”

He opened the door and let the doctors rush in.

He clapped his hands and walked towards the bathroom.

“Ouch!” Rong Xiaoping happened to be pushed aside by Su Yanyun and she hit a file cabinet next to her.

She screamed immediately, “This crazy woman is hitting me again! Im really suffering as her mother-in-law! To have met such a sick daughter-in-law!”

“Su Yanyun, please be quiet.” The attending doctor was black-faced.

He had to take on a tough approach to deal with such a violent schizophrenic patient.

“Inject her with the tranquilizer!”

“No! Dont inject me with that kind of thing!” Su Yanyun waved her hands in panic.

“Doctor, I really dont have a mental illness.

I have a baby in my stomach.

You have no reason to treat a pregnant woman like this.”

She looked so pitiful and tender that the doctor holding the syringe hesitated.

“Director, look… the patient said shes pregnant…”

Should they check it first

The attending doctor remained calm.

“A severely mentally ill patient isnt suitable for pregnancy.

Her current behavior endangers public safety and must be controlled!”

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