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Chapter 768: You Can Only Choose Between Love and Power

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Youre just a useless son who has mistresses outside, how can you be called upright”

Rong Xuelong felt really uncomfortable without a personal attack.

“Whats wrong with my son” Second Madam Rong was so angry at Rong Xuelongs shameless words that she had a heart attack.

“My son has finally made the Rong family have a next generation.

At least my son isnt confused by the An familys vixen!”

“Enough! Stop quarreling.”

Old Master Rong was about to be confused by Second Madam Rong and Rong Xuelong.

He sat down with a dark expression.

“Although something happened to Lirong today, its also a good day for our Rong family to welcome two new lives.

You all know that Im old and have seen everything.

The only thing I care about is the harmony and unity of the family.”

The family finally stopped quarreling and only lowered their heads to listen to the Old Masters lecture.

The Old Master closed his eyes for a while before opening them.

He looked tired too.

“What happened back then has passed for so many years.

I dont care anymore.

Linyi, you know as well.

Although I made you swear back then, I only hoped to give you a layer of shackles to understand that as the family head, you have to place the familys benefits first at all times.

Its been 15 to 16 years… Ive always thought that if the An family no longer provokes us, then our two families are very far apart.

As long as we deliberately avoid it, we can just live together peacefully…”

“Although thats the case, its impossible for me to not have any ill feelings towards what happened back then.” The Old Master said with a hint of fierceness in his eyes.

“I value your father and you very much as my successors.

Back then, I lowered my face and begged the An family to let you two go, but the An family insisted on killing you two.

Its bad enough that their families fought among themselves, but they even wanted to bury our Rong family with them.

Our Rong family will never interact with such people who use unscrupulous methods for power and money.”

He closed his eyes again.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were already cold and determined.

“Regarding Yanyun, no matter what her identity is or what she has experienced, she is still your wife and is pregnant with your babies.

This cant be erased.”

“Im a person with principles.

Then let me tell you my stance now.

I recognize your relationship, your marriage, and your child.

But if shes really from the An family, then you can only choose between the Rong family and her!”

Old Master Rong had just finished speaking.

Rong Linyi had already spoken with determination.

“I choose her.”

“You!” Old Master Rong was enraged.

He thought that Rong Linyi would at least hesitate.

He didnt expect him to be so determined.

“Okay, since Linyi has already made his choice, our Rong family cant tolerate you and your An family wife anymore.” Second Madam Rong was really overjoyed.

Good things happened one after another today, and she felt as if she was in a dream.

“Since you want to be with your Yanyun, please give up the position of the family head!”

“What a joke.

Grandpa also said that Linyi has to choose only after Yanyun is confirmed to be a member of the An family!” Rong Xuelong was addicted to scolding Second Madam Rong.

“What if your eldest branch refuses to prove it What if youre guilty and stop all sorts of investigations to fabricate fake evidence” Second Madam Rong was not stupid and knew that the time couldnt be missed.

Sun Lirong had told her with certainty in the hospital room that Madam Rong was almost sure that Su Yanyun was from the An family.

Since Rong Linyi was willing to give up everything in the Rong family for her, the second branch couldnt ask for more…

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