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Chapter 767: Why Havent You Reunited The Universe

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“Youre still hitting people” Second Madam Rong saw her son getting hit and also pointed a finger at Rong Xuelong aggressively.

“I already said that you have a father but no mother! How did our Rong family suffer under the An family back then What was the matter with the kidnapping back then”

She pulled her husband.

“Brother isnt the only one injured.

Our Xiao Das arm is also injured.

He cant even grip a pen or type well! His waist and legs that have been injured often experience pain.

If it werent for that, Linyi wouldnt have taken over the position of the family head so early!”

“What do you want” Rong Linyi asked coldly.

Since the second branch had this “advantage”, they had to make a fuss.

“Youre asking what we want” Second Madam Rong looked wronged and upset.

“I still want to ask you what you want What did you say when you took over the position of the family head You said that you would definitely avenge your father, your second uncle, and yourself! In the end, you actually married the An familys daughter.

Do you think you still have the right to be the family head now”

“Ha, after talking for so long, dont you just want the position of the family head” Rong Xuelong couldnt help but say again.

“You make it sound so dignified, but in the end, its still an ugly sight!”

“Youre the ones who made a mistake, yet you still say that were the bad ones.

Is it that difficult for our second branch to seek justice in the Rong family” Second Madam Rong turned to look at the Old Master.

“Father, havent you always said that youre the fairest Back then, you also said that you hoped that Linyi could let the Rong family surpass the An family.

In the end, he forgot his oath and got married to the An family.

Father, our Lirong is still lying inside.

I dont know if there will be any more sequels to this.

The two babies are premature and their bodies are not good… Are you going to uphold justice for our second branch…”

She started sobbing.

Seeing the second branch like this, Old Master Rong also felt troubled.

He could only console Second Madam Rong.

“Its hard to say if Su Yanyun is from the An family.”

“What if she is” Second Madam Rong immediately grabbed the Old Masters unfinished words and asked.

“If Su Yanyun is really a member of the An family, then what do we do about this matter, let it go Who knows if she was deliberately sent by the An family to our Rong family”

“Is An Mingchen such a senseless person” Rong Xuelong smiled sarcastically.

“I saw him in Y Nation once, but he doesnt even know who I am.

Second Madam, dont you think too highly of yourself”

“Youve actually seen the An familys head before.” Second Madam Rong seemed to have found some evidence again.

“You even said that your eldest branch didnt collude with the An family Your mother colluded with the An family back then and almost destroyed our entire Rong family.

Now that you colluded with the An family, what benefits has the An family given you”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Rong Xuelong was really amused by Second Madam Rongs logic.

“The An family specially abandoned an eight-year-old girl to C City for a family to raise because they knew that this girl would definitely marry Rong Linyi in the future and could even be pregnant with his babies.

The An family is really scheming.

Theyre so good at predicting the future, so why havent they ruled the entire universe yet!”

“Haha, the An family is so powerful, who knows if they have made other arrangements.

Maybe Su Yanyun isnt the only one sent.

Also, maybe they even targeted our Xingming, but our Xingming is upright…” Second Madam Rong knew how to flatter herself.

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