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Chapter 763: Congratulations

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Old Master Rong and the Rong familys second branch were all stunned.

“Doctor, how is my daughter-in-law”

Second Madam Rong was more nervous than anyone else.

Sun Lirongs stomach was not only filled with one of the Rong familys successors, but also her ambition.

The doctor looked more relaxed.

He even smiled at Old Master Rong.

“The woman and children are fine.

Congratulations, everyone.”

“The children… the children are born” Second Madam Rongs expression was exaggerated.

“Really, nothing happened Both mother and sons are safe, right”

“Yes, two sons.

But because they were born prematurely, the hospital still has to observe and take care of them.” The doctor replied Second Madam Rong.

“Father, our Lirong has given birth!” Second Madam Rong didnt look like a good mother-in-law who was “concerned” about Sun Lirongs safety at all.

She was simply overjoyed.

“Thats great.

Our Lirong has two sons.

Theyre really two sons!”

A smile finally appeared on Old Master Rongs face.

“Good, good, very good! Haha, Im finally hugging my great-grandson.”

Second Madam Rong glanced smugly at Madam Rong and Rong Linyi.

“Sister, Yanyun still has to wait more than a month before giving birth, right”

She originally thought that Su Yanyun was pregnant half a month earlier and her expected delivery would be even earlier, so there was no hope for the Rong familys second branch.

Unexpectedly, Sun Lirong benefited from the disaster and gave birth prematurely.

Although she knew that it was two sons, it was not as good as hearing it with her own ears.

A while later, under Old Master Rongs lead, the whole family squeezed into the nursing room.

They looked at the two little monkey-like children in the nursing box and praised them non-stop.

“A month or two premature How terrible are those childrens bodies” Rong Xuelong couldnt stand Second Madam Rongs vile appearance.

She couldnt help but roll her eyes and complain softly in a range that only the few of them could hear.

Although Madam Rong didnt like the second branch either, she still glared at Rong Xuelong reproachfully.

“You cant blame the offspring.

A newborn child is innocent.”

But Rong Xuelong was clearly unconvinced.

“Tsk! Havent you heard of whatoriginal sin is”

She flipped her hair, not intending to hold back.

“I wont do anything to the children, but that doesnt mean I have to like them.”

She then flipped her hair and was about to lower her hand.

Rong Linyi suddenly held her wrist.

“What” Rong Xuelong was stunned.

Rong Linyis gaze fell on her ring finger.

There was a questioning look in his eyes.

Rong Xuelong understood and immediately chuckled.

“Im finally married off.

How about it Give me a few hundred million dollars to congratulate me”

“Indeed, it hasnt been easy.” Rong Linyi sighed.

“Let me see.” Madam Rong had already adjusted her emotions and could face the reality of her daughters marriage.

“Oh, this ring was prepared long ago, right Its obvious that someone specially designed it.

Ive never seen this type on the market.”

“Of course.” Rong Xuelong raised her head smugly.

“This was customized by Chenglong a few years ago.

He told me that if he couldnt be with me, he would hug this pair of wedding rings and die alone.”

Rong Linyis tone was clearly pitiful.

“I thought Jiang Chenglong only had problems with his eyes in the past, but I didnt expect him to have problems with his brain too…”

“Just be jealous of me!” Rong Xuelong stuck out her tongue at Rong Linyi.

“Have you reconciled with Yanyun

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