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Chapter 759: You Just Need a Woman to Give Birth to Your Heir

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“You already knew, right”

Rong Linyi asked Madam Rong.

His tone was very calm, so calm that it was a little oppressive.

If it werent for Rong Xuelongs actions just now, he would probably have already questioned Madam Rong more harshly.

“Zheng Xin was attacked.

You should know after you dealt with it yourself, right” Although it was a question, Rong Linyis tone was indeed firm.

“You bought the DNA test center to control the source of the news and not let anyone make use of it to make a fuss, or-to not let me know”

Madam Rong finally heaved a long sigh.

“I didnt intend to hide it from you forever.” She said calmly.

“After all, its your child.

I just wanted to wait for the situation to stabilize a little…”


Rong Linyi was confused.

“What reason do you have to hide this from me”

Madam Rong seemed to be pondering over how to answer.

Thus, Rong Linyi asked another question.

“When did you know that the babies in Yanyuns stomach are mine”

Madam Rong pinched the bridge of her nose tiredly.

Today was really… a mess.

“I knew it from the beginning.” Her answer shocked Rong Linyi.

“Thats right.

When you stabbed yourself, Jiang Chengxi ran over and pestered me.

I guessed it when he insisted that Su Yanyuns baby was his…”

“I did remind you, 1806, remember I went to look for the surveillance cameras but couldnt find it.

So I had two guesses.

One was that Su Yanyuns baby was indeed someone elses.

In order to conceal this, you destroyed the surveillance cameras, but it was obvious that you didnt know about the surveillance cameras.

So, there was only another guess left-”

Rong Linyi already understood without Madam Rong having to continue.

Another guess was that the babies were his, and Jiang Chengxi had destroyed the surveillance cameras to conceal this fact.

He had always been walking to a dead end and fell into a fixated state of mind from the beginning.

Now that he had jumped out, he realized that the matter was actually so straightforward.

He could imagine that on that day, he was in Room 1808 and Su Yanyun was in Room 1806.

Something must have happened to make them meet.

But no matter how he tried to recall, he couldnt remember what was abnormal about that night.

He remembered that he went straight back to the Lin River Courtyard after leaving the hotel.

He slept after showering…

“Im sorry, I silently agreed to Cheng Tingxue drugging you.” Madam Rong finally told the truth.

“I heard that it was a new drug being developed.

You wouldnt be able to remember anything after you were drugged.”

Rong Linyi was stunned.

He had guessed that he was drugged, but… this drug was too strong.

“Because youre really obsessed with cleanliness, if I didnt let you forget who you were for the time being…” Madam Rong held her forehead.

“What if I really slept with Cheng Tingxue” Rong Linyis expression was dark.

“Im indeed satisfied with Cheng Tingxues family background.” Madam Rong said seriously.

“Anyway, you wont love anyone, so why not I just help you find someone with the greatest benefits I just need a qualified daughter-in-law to give birth to your heir.”

“Is this the reason youve been hiding it from me” Rong Linyi said softly.

“Because in your eyes, the benefits that can be gained by our branch are more important than anything, including my happiness.

Do you also… feel guilty”

“I dont have a choice.” Madam Rong raised her head without any shame or hesitation.

“You and Xuelong arent willing to marry, and Xueling… if our branch loses power, what will your father do”

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