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It was still that moving and beautiful pair of eyes, and still that pretty and elegant face.

But looking at Su Yanyun at this moment, Guo Qiaolians heart trembled.

She was smiling, but this smile made people feel that she was cold and dangerous.

“The jade on my neck was bought by your uncle for me.” Guo Qiaolian clutched the big piece of green jade lying on top of her heart.

“Su Bowang bought it for you” Su Yanyun narrowed her eyes and her smile deepened.

“Su Bowang is just a nominal director in the Su Corporation.

His annual salary is less than 200,000 yuan, and the jade on your neck is at least worth a million! Even if he hadnt eaten or drunk for three years, he still wouldnt be able to afford it for you! Guo Qiaolian, you still have the face to say that this is yours!”

This jade obviously belonged to her mother.

She had lost it for no reason back then and it wasnt easy for Mother to find it.

Unexpectedly, Su Bowang had stolen it and given it to Guo Qiaolian!

Guo Qiaolian was really… rushing to give it back!

“If I remember correctly, this cheongsam on you also belongs to my mother, right I was the one who accompanied my mother to customize it then!”

“And Su Menghe, the dress youre wearing is also mine! It was made for a high-end party for my 16th birthday!”

Rong Linyis pupils constricted upon hearing Su Yanyuns words.

He suddenly tilted his head and whispered in her ear.

“Did you already have such a good body at sixteen years old”

Su Yanyun… couldnt help but glare at Rong Linyi.

“Do you mean she also has a good body” She glanced at Su Menghe.

If she could wear Su Yanyuns dress, didnt she have a good body as well

Rong Linyi shivered and realized that he had made a mistake.

No matter how he answered this question, it was going to be wrong.

He immediately returned to his cold expression and didnt say a single word.

But if Su Yanyun really wanted to ask, he would answer honestly when he heard that this was her 16-year-old dress.

He would say that dress had already left the mold of Su Menghes body and instead, he formed the image of a young girl in his mind.

It was Baby Yanyun that was full of youthful energy instead.

Every frown and smile she had carried the innocence of the mortal world.

Rong Linyi suddenly wanted to have a baby with Su Yanyun, a baby just like her.

Watching the baby grow up must be like watching Su Yanyun grow up, right

Rong Liu was already rubbing his chin in thought.

“In that case, none of what you have is your own! Brothers, tear off their clothes!”

“What are you doing Let go… No… Im going to sue you for molestation!” Guo Qiaolian hurriedly clutched the collar of her cheongsam.

His subordinate slapped Guo Qiaolian hard on the face.

“Pfft, old woman, I wont do it even if you let me molest you!” His subordinates were all good at acting.

“Su Yanyun, tell them to stop! Tell them to stop!” Guo Qiaolian screamed relentlessly.

“Youre so heartless! So unfilial! You wont even leave us a piece of clothing.

Youll suffer retribution!”

“Unfilial” Su Yanyun really smiled.

“Im sorry, I really dont have any sense of filial piety towards a mistress! Speaking of retribution, arent you guys receiving retribution now”

Other than her innermost clothes, Guo Qiaolian was stripped naked in no time.

Ever since Rong Linyi slapped her face, Su Menghe had been in a daze and didnt know how to retaliate.

Su Zhongjie wailed.

He said that his clothes were his, but Rong Liu and the others took them off smoothly and didnt even leave him a pair of socks.


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