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Guo Qiaolian and the others spent almost half an hour packing their things.

Since Su Yanyun didnt say anything, Rong Liu and the others werent in a hurry to rush them as well.

When Guo Qiaolian, Su Menghe, and Su Zhongjie came downstairs, everyone saw that they were all carrying 28-inch suitcases and mountain climbing bags.

How was this packing This was clearly emptying the house!

Seeing that Rong Liu didnt say anything, Guo Qiaolian and her children signaled to each other and hurriedly dragged the suitcases and bags out of the house.

Unexpectedly, just as they reached the door, Su Yanyun yelled coldly.


“This house has nothing to do with us anymore.” Guo Qiaolian immediately argued anxiously.

“Cant we just leave What else do we have to do”

“Sure, you can go.” Su Yanyun slowly approached the three of them.

“But you cant take anything away from this house, not even a needle!”

“Which eye of yours saw us take away this familys things” Su Menghe covered her swollen face and yelled at Su Yanyun.

“Everything in here is ours!”

Even if she hadnt taken advantage of Su Yanyun recently, these years of experience had made Su Menghe extremely arrogant.

She thought that Su Yanyun was still that pitiful and lonely woman whom she could trample on at will

However, just as Su Menghe finished speaking, Su Yanyun grabbed her earlobe and pulled it down forcefully.

“Ah—” Su Menghes shrill voice was like a chickens.

The diamond earring she was wearing just now had been torn off by Su Yanyun mercilessly.

Su Menghe covered her stinging ear with a twisted expression.

“How dare you snatch my earring Su Yanyun, youre shameless! Dont you believe that I will slap you to death”

As soon as she finished speaking, she was about to pounce on Su Yanyun.

Bam! A dog-training whip hit her face.

It made her skin tear open.

Rong Linyi threw the whip in his hand on the ground and took the wet tissue Su Yanyun handed him.

He wiped his hands elegantly and said calmly, “Who are you going to slap to death”

A powerful pressure surged over like a tsunami.

Su Menghe knelt on the ground in a daze.

Su Yanyun clutched the diamond earring in her hand tightly and sneered.

“Su Menghe, the ones on your ears, neck, and wrist… are all my jewelry! You have the cheek to say that these are all yours”

She turned and instructed Rong Liu.

“Sixth Master, please open the suitcase for me.

I want to check which things are mine!”

Rong Liu received the order and immediately ordered people to drag the suitcases over.

Guo Qiaolian hugged the suitcase desperately.

“No! You cant snatch my things away.

These are all mine, these are all ours…”

However, Rong Liu didnt allow her to resist.

With a bang, a few boxes were thrown into the middle of the living room.

The suitcase opened and all sorts of branded clothes and bags were poured out.

Su Yanyun looked at them and saw that most of them were her mothers and hers in the past.

There were even some leather tools owned by her father.

When he opened another box, there was actually a box of famous wine inside.

He opened another one.

It actually contained oil paintings and antiques.

Su Yanyun almost laughed.

None of the six boxes and bags belonged to Guo Qiaolian and the others.

They really knew how to take the best things.

Did they really think that the debt collectors and Su Yanyun were here just to eat a good meal


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