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“Yanyun, about the money…” Su Bowang was obviously thick-skinned.

He said thoughtfully, “I know you wont be able to get so much money in such a short amount of time.

But doesnt your mother still have some jewelry as well I remember that set of ice jade and that diamond necklace.

If you sell them, you can also…”

“Stepfather, you also know that those things are all registered.

They belong to my mother.

Shes still around, and I have no right to sell them on her behalf.” Su Yanyun interrupted Su Bowang awkwardly.

“If they could be sold, I would have sold them long ago when Mother was hospitalized.”

Su Bowang obviously knew that Su Yanyun couldnt touch that batch of jewelry.

He was waiting for her to say this.

He hurriedly said, “But Yanyun, isnt there still a portion of the Su Corporations shares thats in your hands Can you…”

“Stepfather!” Su Yanyun interrupted Su Bowang again.

“You forgot that the shares will only belong to me after Mother passes on.

Could it be that you have plans with my Mother…”

“How is that possible!” Su Bowang denied it repeatedly.

“Yanyun, dont think otherwise.

Im helping you come up with ideas, right Although those shares dont belong to you for the time being, you can use them as collateral.

When we have money, we can get them back.

I know a collateral company that can save us a lot of time and wont check your fathers will.”

“Okay.” Su Yanyun seemed to have compromised.

“Then… what should I do”

Su Bowang was overjoyed that Su Yanyun fell for his trick.

“Come to the house first.

Ill tell you what to do.” Su Bowang replied anxiously.

“Ill help you get the largest amount for your shares.

This way, our house can be saved.”

After hanging up the call, Su Yanyun scoffed and pointed at her phone.

“Hes thinking about getting my portion of the shares.”

Rong Linyi smiled slightly.

“The Rong Corporation is already the largest shareholder of Xin Chengtu now.

Su Bowang wants to trick you into giving him your shares so that he can compete with me.”

“In that case, I have to call you Boss too.” Su Yanyun pretended to be pitiful.

“Everything under the Su Corporation belongs to the Rong Corporation.”

Rong Linyi leaned in and exhaled softly in her ear.

“Im all yours.”

He was not wrong at all.

The documents he had Su Yanyun sign allowed her to own several companies.

These companies each own a large portion of the shares of Xin Chengtu.

Thus, Su Yanyun had long taken back the Su Corporations most profitable Xin Cheng.

As for the other companies under the Su Corporation, they were all dependent on Xin Cheng and were not worth mentioning.

She was the Su Corporations biggest boss now.

It was just that this matter was carried out secretly, so no one knew about it.

Of course, Su Bowangs family had no way of knowing as well.

Su Menghe was hugging Guo Qiaolian and trembling.

Su Zhongjie was lying in front of them and pretending to be dead.

He had just been slapped a few times and looked disheveled.

Su Yanyun had just walked in with Rong Linyi with their arms hooked together when Su Menghes eyes lit up.

On one hand, Su Menghe thought that she had come to be a scapegoat, but then she saw Rong Linyi.

She immediately shouted to the group of people who had forcefully come to take the house.

“Shes here! The rightful owner is here! This house isnt ours at all.

Its hers! If you want to arrest someone to repay the debt, go and arrest her!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Guo Qiaolian also nodded hurriedly.

“Were only staying here temporarily! Shes the owner of this house.

Hurry and capture her and let us go!”


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