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“From tomorrow onwards, stay at home and dont go anywhere.

Ill help you quit your job in the Rong Corporation.” He Yueze said coldly.

“Also, dont think about Linyi anymore…”

“Brother! I didnt!” He Xiaoqin was extremely agitated in an instant.

“I was just being myself! Who have I offended!”

He Yueze didnt answer her and continued to look out of the window.

He repeated his words.

“Xiaoqin, Im very disappointed in you, very disappointed…”

He Xiaoqins heart turned cold.

If she had known that her brother would stop her from pursuing Rong Linyi after he woke up,

It was better to let him sleep forever instead!

Yes… He Xiaoqin grit her teeth secretly.

If only her brother was dead!

“You really frightened me tonight.” Rong Xuelong leaned on the car seat and took out a slender ladys cigarette.

She was about to light it when Rong Linyi leaned over, took the cigarette from her and threw it in the trash.

Rong Xuelong widened her eyes.

“Youre not pregnant, right”

“If you smoke, I will smell like smoke.” Rong Linyi replied calmly, but his next sentence shocked Rong Xuelong even more.

“If Yanyun smells the secondhand smoke on me, it wont be good for the baby.”

Rong Xuelong was speechless.

Wasnt the reason that he thought the smell of smoke was dirty

“Speaking of which, do you know that you really scared me tonight” Rong Xuelong asked arrogantly.

“Tell me, what were you thinking back then If it was really Yanyun inside, what would you do”

Rong Linyi lowered his head and didnt answer Rong Xuelong for a long time.

After a long time, he replied.

“I dont know, I…”

He looked up, and the emptiness in his eyes made Rong Xuelongs heart palpitate.

“I couldnt see anything at that time…”

Rong Xuelong looked at Rong Linyi in a daze.

After a while, she raised her hand and carefully… placed it on Rong Linyis hand.

Unexpectedly, Rong Linyi didnt push her hand away.

Actually, Rong Xuelong had long realized that his obsession with cleanliness didnt seem to be as serious as before.

She looked at her hand on his, feeling touched.

“Linyi, you have to believe that Yanyun isnt as weak as you think…”

“No, it wont happen again.

You have to believe…”

The night was hazy.

Su Yanyun curled up in Rong Linyis embrace and slept soundly.

The curtains were half open and a sliver of moonlight shone on her white jade-like arm.

Rong Linyi gently pulled up the blanket and covered her with it.

“Promise me that nothing will happen and you wont leave.” He bit her ear softly.


Otherwise, his world would probably fall into darkness again.

Rong Linyi narrowed his eyes and remembered that afternoon 15 years ago…

“Hubby, you didnt sleep well last night” Early in the morning, Su Yanyun reached out her slender fingers and carefully poked Rong Linyis slightly green eyes.

Rong Linyis expression was cold.

“Ill have to ask you.”

“Me” Baby Yanyun sized herself up.

“What about me”

“Kicking the blanket, rolling it horizontally, do you think I have a reason to sleep well” Rong Linyi seemed to be gritting his teeth.

Baby Yanyun crossed her fingers pitifully.


But had she slept so badly in the past

Rong Linyi looked away.

He would never tell Ms.

Rong that the truth of his insomnia last night was due to his emotions.

Later on, his brain affected his body and he felt a… desire that he couldnt suppress no matter what.


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