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Second Madam Rongs words immediately caused a discussion among the surrounding guests.

She glanced at the darkened faces of Old Master and Rong Linyi, who were on the verge of exploding, and wanted to add fuel to the fire.

Rong Jinghui yelled first.

“Shut up!”

His expression was not much better than Rong Linyis.

Ever since he knew for sure that Su Yanyun was his second sister-in-law, his feelings for her had become very complicated and intense.

There was hatred, and even more disdain and extreme prejudice…

But now, he guessed that the woman inside was probably her and he was about to lose his rationality.

If Rong Linyi didnt open the door, Rong Jinghui might not be able to control himself and would kick the door open to drag out the man who dared to profane her.

At this time, He Yueze was the one who remained calm.

“Xiaoqin, think it through.” He looked at only his sister and seemed to be observing the subtle expression on her face.

“Some things are just your guess.

Before youre sure, you cant say anything rash.”

“I also hope not…” He Xiaoqin cried anxiously.

“But we separated in front.

She was sure that she would go this way and she didnt come back.

Shes also pregnant…”

He Yueze glared at her.

But before he could get He Xiaoqin to shut up, a womans unrestrained scream was heard from the bathroom.

Another womans voice also yelled.

“Ah… Its good!”

It was two women!

The guests around looked forward to the gossip.

Rong Linyi pushed Rong Xuelong aside and kicked the door.

“Linyi, calm down.” Rong Xuelong hugged his waist fearlessly.

The door was kicked, but it didnt open.

“Let go of me.” Rong Linyi gritted his teeth, his voice almost dripping blood.

He Xiaoqin cursed Rong Xuelong for being nosy in her heart, but she was glad that she herself had already found the butler to open the door.

“Send the guests away first.” Even if it was an immoral matter, Madam Rong had to maintain the Rong familys last shred of dignity.

She was already prepared to accept the worst outcome.

Rong Linyi shook Rong Xuelong off again.

“Give me the key.” He reached his hand out to the butler.

The butler, whose hair was combed neatly, couldnt withstand the pressure from Rong Linyi.

He acted as if he had just returned from hell.

Without hesitation, the butler handed the key to Rong Linyi.

“Linyi!” Madam Rong couldnt help but shout.

Rong Linyis bloodshot eyes were empty.

He couldnt hear anything and only knew that the ambiguous sounds coming from the door almost dried his blood.

If what He Xiaoqin said was true, he didnt know what he would do…

“Linyi, forget it.” Madam Rong tried to stop him.

But the moment her eyes met his, she couldnt help but shiver.

Rong Linyis pupils were dark, as if they were soaked in ink.

There was a kind of blindness, but also a terrifying darkness.

There was destruction in them, but there was no rationality.

“Linyi, its okay…” At that moment, Madam Rong felt as if she had returned to fifteen years ago.

She felt so helpless in front of her unfamiliar son.

She could only watch as he walked towards the abyss step by step, but she couldnt pull him back…

The entire venue was silent.

A womans beautiful voice suddenly lit up the darkness—


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