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“Brother Jiang, whats happening”

Before Rong Linyi and Jiang Chengxi could confront each other, Old Master Rong was the first to lose his cool.

“Could it be that you coming to congratulate me on my birthday was just a ruse and youre actually here to snatch my great-grandson away”

“Brother Rong, youre biased.” Old Master Jiang stroked his beard.

“I came because I was afraid that Brother Rong would be deceived.

This Ms.

Su is able to receive Linyi and my Chengxis favoritism at the same time because of her charm.

However, if the child in her stomach is really our Jiang familys, wont Brother Rong be helping our Jiang family raise our children and grandchildren then”

He then looked at Jiang Chengxi.

“Chengxi, let me ask you again.

Is the child in Ms.

Sus stomach yours”

“Its mine.” Jiang Chengxi replied loudly without any avoidance.

Su Yanyun heard a fist clenching by her ear.

She turned around and saw that although Rong Linyis expression remained unchanged, his palm seemed to be on the verge of crushing his own fingers.

She hurriedly held his hand, wanting to tell him not to be angry.

She had already gone to do a paternity test today and the results would be out soon.

“It seems like,” Rong Linyi didnt seem to notice Su Yanyun comforting him.

He took a step forward with a layer of frost on his face.

Dark ice surged in his eyes, and the murderous intent hidden in them seemed to devour him.

“The Jiang family wants to become enemies with the Rong family.”

“This matter is just between you and me.

Theres no need to escalate it to the family.” Jiang Chengxis expression was clearly angry, as if he was agitated by Rong Linyis imposing manner.

“You abandoned my sister first and snatched my woman later.

Rong Linyi, youre a man.

Return my woman and take on the responsibility you deserve.”

“Since its your problem, why did you drag your grandfather here to support you” Rong Xuelong originally wanted to act like a lady in front of the elders, but she couldnt pretend anymore.

She stood up and reprimanded him sternly.

“Ill tell the Jiang family honestly today.

Our Rong family will never accept Jiang Yilin, nor will we let you take Yanyun away!”

Old Master Jiang didnt expect Rong Xuelong to say this on behalf of the Rong family.

His expression immediately turned ugly.

“From what Ms.

Rong Xuelong said, our Jiang family is pestering you here and now”

“Its good that you know!” Rong Xuelong retorted immediately.

“Xuelong, sit down.” Old Master Rong berated her slightly.

Rong Xuelong was a junior after all.

The rich families had strict rules.

It was indeed inappropriate for her to stand up.

He turned to look at Old Master Jiang, and the smile on his face disappeared.

“Brother Jiang, I also believe that you wouldnt be pestering us here for no reason.

But everything depends on the wordevidence.

Yanyun is now our Rong familys granddaughter-in-law, and the baby in her stomach is already five months old.

You said that shes related to Chengxi, so what evidence do you have to prove it to us”

Old Master Jiang sneered.

“Theres indeed no evidence now, but I wonder if Ms.

Su has the guts to do a paternity test with us”

The reason he was persuaded by Jiang Chengxi tonight was not only because Jiang Yilin marrying into the Rong family would bring great benefits to the Jiang family.

It was also because Jiang Chengxi had told him confidently that the child in Su Yanyuns stomach was his.

Similar to Old Master Rong, Old Master Jiang also looked forward to carrying his great-grandson every day.

Although Jiang Chengxi wasnt a cleanliness freak like Rong Linyi who couldnt get close to women, he was too fickle and promiscuous.

None of the women around him were decent.

Furthermore, he didnt fancy any of the better daughters of prestigious families.

Su Yanyun was the daughter of the Su family, so her status was not bad.

If she was really pregnant with the Jiang familys child, Old Master Jiang wouldnt let go no matter what…


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