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“What nonsense are you talking about!” The Old Master immediately berated Old Madam Rong.

“If Yanyun isnt pregnant with the Rong familys child, could it be yours Old woman, youre getting worse.”

As he spoke, his tone became a little cold and harsh.

It was also filled with a little caution.

“You all know very well what day it is tonight and who is invited.

If you have any grievances, put them aside.

Dont say things that you shouldnt! Dont forget, were all from the Rong family.”

When Old Madam Rong heard that the Old Master didnt give her face in front of her children and grandchildren, her face darkened.

She didnt dare to flare up again and could only suppress her anger.

Rong Xuelong smiled comfortably.

“Yes.” She continued coquettishly.

“Who knows how many people are watching Grandpas birthday banquet.

No matter how big the matter is, it has to be suppressed tonight.”

“Our Xuelong is still the sensible one.” The Old Master immediately patted her hand in admiration.

“Dont worry, Grandpa will definitely not tolerate your kidnapping.

Tell Grandpa who did it first, and I will go and destroy his nest immediately!”

“Old Master!” Old Madam Rong was flustered and exasperated.

She couldnt help but shout again.

“You only care about your granddaughter.

Why didnt you ask for the reason You were about to ruin your house.

Why didnt you ask what she had done to deserve such retribution!”


Madam Rongs face turned cold and a sharp glint flashed across her eyes.

“Mother, you have to say this appropriately.

We are all members of the Rong family.

Our Xuelong didnt set fire nor kill anyone.

She was cheated by her elders and kidnapped for no reason.

We considered Fathers birthday and didnt want to mention this matter.

But if Mother insists on gossiping today, I dont mind accompanying her to the end!”

“Did I say this first Haha.” Old Madam Rongs voice was sharp.

“It was clearly your Xuelong who said it herself.

I didnt say a single word! Dont blame it on me!”

“Then why did you mention Sun Lirongs matter Arent you thinking of suing the guilty first and then slandering me Do I have to tell you the whole story” Rong Xuelongs expression became sharp.

No matter how much the Old Master wanted to pretend to be confused, he had already realized something.

His eyes darkened.

“Enough! You all caused such a mess because I didnt notice it.

Kidnapping your own family member is really something! Today… even if I dont hold this birthday banquet anymore, you all have to make things clear for me!”

The small banquet hall was silent.

Seeing that Madam Rong and the rest didnt say anything, Old Madam Rong couldnt help but look smug.

“Let me say it…”

“You want to say it What are you going to say” Rong Xuelong stood up.

“Im the first victim, Ill talk about this!”

She took two steps back and looked at the Old Master.

Suddenly, she knelt down straight and tears gushed out like spring water.

She cried.

“Grandpa—you have to uphold justice for Xuelong!”

The whole family didnt expect Rong Xuelong to suddenly do this.

The second branchs mouths were wide open.

Even Madam Rongs eyes twitched.

Rong Linyi was expressionless, but his hand on Su Yanyuns shoulder moved slightly.

Old Madam Rong looked panicked.

“What are you doing You…”

“Dont cry, dont cry.” Old Master was already anxious.

“Grandpa knows that youve been wronged.

If theres anything, just say it.

Grandpa will help you.”

Rong Xuelong was still crying.

It was rare for her to look teary as she choked…


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