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When they encountered a grand public event that required them to appear.

Rong Linyi would take the Landaulet.

Su Yanyun had been with him for so long and had the honor of sitting with him thrice.

The first time was when he sent her to the office to improve her reputation.

The second time was during Old Madam Rongs birthday banquet when Rong Linyi took her away.

The third time was now.

As Madam Rongs acknowledged daughter-in-law, she entered the luxurious house in a Maybach.

Rong Xuelong also wanted to get a ride, but Rong Linyi didnt even let her sit in the front seat and chased her away to the bodyguards car in the back.

Rong Xuelong was so angry that she squeezed onto the bus with her gown.

It shocked many onlookers on the bus who picked up their phones to take photos.

As the “treasure of the house” of the top prestigious families in C City, Old Master Rongs birthday banquet invited all the prestigious families in C City to make a move.

There were even many prestigious families from other provinces and cities who sent representatives to congratulate him.

On the way to the Rong familys luxurious house, there was a long line of cars.

In the end, Rong Xuelong, who had enjoyed coming via public transport, arrived at the banquet earlier than anyone.

Seeing the Maybach parked in the garage, she leaned against the balcony gate in the backyard and held a glass of red wine elegantly.

She smiled arrogantly.

“Hello, cute brother, can your Maybach fly”

Rong Linyi pretended not to see Rong Xuelong.

He held Su Yanyuns hand and got on an electric tour bus to the luxurious house.

Su Yanyun knew how big this luxurious house was the first time she came.

But she didnt know that a car was actually needed to drive from the garage to the door.

The car circled around the house before stopping in front of a side door.

This door was not as glorious as the main door, but it was also exquisite and elegant.

Rong Linyi crossed his arms and smiled at the woman.

“Hold on to me well, Madam Yi.”

Su Yanyun smiled sweetly at him and clung to his elbow like a butterfly.

Rong Linyi took her around all the bustling people.

When they passed a few doors, Su Yanyun could hear the commotion and laughter behind.

However, in the bustling and messy world, he led her in a unique way that didnt make her dirty at all.

The two of them went all the way to a gorgeous, open and small banquet hall on the second floor.

This banquet hall was quieter than other places, and there were fewer people inside.

Su Yanyun immediately saw the old man sitting on the sofa in the middle, surrounded by everyone.

Beside him was Madam Rong, who was talking to him softly.

Rong Linyi looked down at Su Yanyun.

His eyes were calm but gentle, as if comforting her and telling her not to panic.

Because when the two of them walked into the small hall side by side, the crowd that was quietly chatting all fell silent at the same time and looked at the two of them with disbelief.

The Old Master and Madam Rong also looked up.

When he saw who was standing in front of him, the Old Masters eyes that resembled Rong Linyis widened to the size of an owls.

“You, you, who are you” He pointed two trembling fingers at Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi replied calmly.

“Im your eldest sons eldest son, Grandpa.

When did you get dementia Hurry and split the family property while youre still conscious.”

It seemed like it was rare to hear Rong Linyi say so much to him at once.

Old Master Rong couldnt breathe.

Not only his eyes, but his nose, ears, and cheeks were all puffed up.


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