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“Sister Yanyun is fine.” Jiang Chenglong was very happy that he could still be a newscaster.

He was ultimately still useful to Sister Xuelong.

“She and Young Master Yi even came to visit you before, but youve been in a coma.”



Rong Xuelong wouldnt say that she didnt sleep well.

She kept feeling uncomfortable all over.

Now that she was sober, she felt a little better.

She flipped her long hair and casually tugged at her collar.

This alluring and bold action stunned Jiang Chenglong.

“Thank you for todays matter.” Rong Xuelong seemed to be thanking him casually.

Her eyes darted down and actually landed on Jiang Chenglongs stomach…” Thank you for being brave and helping me.

Jiang Chenglong blushed.

Rong Xuelongs almost naked white body suddenly appeared in his mind… He felt as if something was about to rush out.

“Tsk, tsk, useless…” Rong Xuelong had a look of disdain.

“You havent slept with a woman, have you ”

She still had one last memory.

She seemed to have crawled out of his coat like a wolf and pounced on him.

But this young man actually stood his ground and wrapped her up like a mummy and carried her to the hospital.

Jiang Chenglongs face, ears, and neck were all red.

He stammered.

“Sister, Sister wasnt willing at that time… I, I wont do such a thing!”

Rong Xuelongs beautiful almond-shaped eyes twitched and she smiled.

“I see.

I thought that you couldnt.”


Jiang Chengxis ears almost exploded.

No, no

“How could I not! I, I…” He clenched his fists in anger and embarrassment.

“I do have a reaction! ”

“Pfft—” Rong Xuelong choked on Jiang Chenglongs straightforward retort.

“Why are you so cute and innocent!” She reached out and pinched Jiang Chenglongs face, looking like she was teasing a handsome man.

To be honest, the men in the Jiang family were all very… flirtatious, especially their eye-catching peach blossom-shaped eyes.

They were always easy to intoxicate women.

Jiang Chenglong was still too young, and his face looked even more exquisite.

His sharp chin gave people a feminine feeling, and it was easier to arouse a womans protective instincts.

Rong Xuelong obviously knew that Jiang Chenglong liked her, but she ignored him because his surname was Jiang and because he was too young.

How could she bear to hurt such a handsome man

“Sigh.” She shook her head and sighed.

“Thank you.

You were considered a descendant of the family, so why didnt you inherit any of your grandfathers valor”

Jiang Chenglong heard her say this and his expression became very serious.

“Sister, my shooting and fighting skills are very outstanding, and I wasnt inferior to anyone during my previous training.

But my grandfather said that when it comes to women, one has to be tough and gentle.”

Rong Xuelongs replied.

“…You, you have to be firm first.”

“Does Sister like rough men” Jiang Chenglong asked anxiously.

Rong Xuelong had never talked to him about this before, so he didnt know her selection criteria.

If Sister Rong liked rough men, he didnt mind developing in that direction.

As long as his sister liked it.

“This…” Rong Xuelong really touched her chin and thought.”I havent met him so I really dont know what I like.

But no matter what, its definitely not good to be too ugly.

He has to be…”

As she spoke, she suddenly narrowed her eyes at Jiang Chenglong.

Before Jiang Chenglong could react, her hand was already holding his chin.

“At least as handsome as you, right


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