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Jiang Chenglong held her hand tightly and felt her agitation.

He comforted her softly.

“Sister, its okay… Its okay…”

When Su Yanyun and Rong Linyi entered the hospital room, their first reaction was that the temperature of the air conditioning was really low.

Su Yanyun even shivered.

It was already autumn, but the hospital room was still as cold as the operating theater.

Rong Linyi had already taken off his coat and draped it over Su Yanyuns shoulders.

“How is she Is she better” Su Yanyun asked Jiang Chenglong in concern.

“Yanyun…” Rong Xuelong, who was still asleep, heard Su Yanyuns voice and muttered anxiously,”…quickly go… find her…”

“Yanyun is already fine.”

Unexpectedly, Rong Linyi sat on the bed and held Rong Xuelongs other hand.

“Sister, thank you.

Its okay, its okay… Have a good rest…”

As if she heard Rong Linyis words, Rong Xuelongs nervous body slowly relaxed and she fell asleep quietly.

“The doctor gave her a tranquilizer and even washed her stomach and administered an antidote.

Now, she still needs an infusion to expel the remaining drugs in her body.” Jiang Chenglong explained.

“He said she should wake up at night.”

Rong Linyi looked at Jiang Chenglong silently for a few seconds.

He couldnt take it anymore and looked away.

“Lets go.” He suggested to Su Yanyun.

“Let Sister rest well.”

Then he looked at Jiang Chenglong again.

“Thank you for the call… Im sorry.

Ive already added you to the whitelist.”

Jiang Cheng waved his hand awkwardly.

“Its okay.

I was careless the last time.

This wont happen again.”

Ever since Jiang Yilin had forcefully called Rong Linyi on his phone the last time, Rong Linyi had rudely added Jiang Chenglongs number to the blacklist.

When Jiang Chenglong called Rong Linyi for help for the first time, it actually didnt get through.

Fortunately, he still had Madam Rongs number, so he didnt make a big mistake.

“Oh right, have you dealt with those people” Rong Linyi walked out with Su Yanyun in his arms and remembered.

“No, I locked them up.

Sister Xuelong said,” Jiang Chenglong touched his nose.

“Before she fell asleep, she kept saying that she wanted to take revenge herself, so…”

He had always treated Sister Rongs words as an imperial edict.

“Dont let her handle it.

Leave it to me.” Rong Linyi took his sisters enemy on his own.

After leaving the hospital room, Su Yanyun hooked her arm around Rong Linyis obediently and leaned her head on his arm.

She suddenly asked, “Jiang Chenglong likes Sister, right”

“Okay.” Rong Linyi didnt comment.

“What about Sister Does she like him” She asked.

“I dont know.” Rong Linyi said honestly.

He had never cared about his sisters love life.

Su Yanyun sighed slightly.

“Sigh, Sister was drugged with that kind of drug.

With that old womans personality, she must have drugged her with something strong.

Jiang Chenglong actually endured it…”

“Its probably true love.” Rong Linyi came to a relaxed conclusion.

The two of them walked a few steps in silence before he suddenly leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“If it were you and me, I would definitely respect you and not touch you in such a situation.”

Su Yanyun glared at Rong Linyi.

“I… dont believe you!”

The last time she was drugged, who was the one who ate her from head to toe like a hungry ghost

Rong Linyi narrowed his eyes and his voice returned to its usual coldness.

“I said that I would definitely respect you.

Youre so thirsty that you threw yourself at me.

Do you think I should reject you and hurt you”


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