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Su Yanyun took a step back.

The woman in front of her had the same height and figure as Rong Xuelong.

She had the same hairstyle, similar face, and even almost identical voice.

But she was definitely not Rong Xuelong.

Definitely not!

“Who are you!” Su Yanyun asked in shock.

As soon as she finished speaking, a handkerchief covered her mouth and nose tightly.

When the needle entered his vein, Rong Linyis hand trembled subconsciously.

The needle had been removed and he had to be pricked daily.

Although Rong Linyi was not afraid of such a small needle, the pain from the needle just now was exceptionally obvious.

He felt strange and suddenly remembered that Su Yanyun had not come in.

“Yanyun—” He called her immediately.

Was she still chatting with Aunt Chen outside the hospital room

Rong Linyi was about to call out again when the bodyguards suddenly approached.

“Young Master Yi, something has happened!”

Rong Linyi pulled the needle from the back of his hand.

When he rushed out of the corridor, two bodyguards and Aunt Chen were lying on the ground.

As for Su Yanyun…

“Lock down the hospital immediately!” The veins on the back of Rong Linyis hand were bulging.

“Send two batches of people, one to search the hospital, one to chase after her… and send another team to investigate immediately!”

He turned and ran back to the hospital room.

He picked up the phone that he had just left and dialed a number skillfully.

Jiang Chengxi sat in the office with his feet on the office table and listening lazily to his subordinates report.

His phone rang.

He immediately raised his brows when he saw the number.

“How rare, Young Master Yi actually…”

“Did you take her away” This inexplicable sentence came from the other end of the line.

“What” Jiang Chengxi was really stunned.

“Dont act stupid! Someone deliberately took Yanyun away just now.

Jiang Chengxi, tell me honestly.

Did you do it!” Rong Linyi didnt waste any time.

Jiang Chengxi immediately sat up straight.

“Its not me.” He replied very seriously.

“Dont waste your manpower and resources on me.

Also, tell me the details… Hey! Hey! He hung up”


When she was tied up and thrown to the ground, even Rong Xuelong, who boasted of being a tomboy, gasped.

She looked up and saw the camera in front of her, as well as a few men wearing black hoods that only showed their eyes, ears, and noses.

Rong Xuelongs heart skipped a beat.

She turned around and glared at Old Madam Rong.

“Xuelong, I originally wanted to dote on you.” Old Madam Rong put on a pretense.

“Unfortunately, youre really not obedient.

Im forced to treat you like this today.

I hope you can be a good person in the future.”

She waved her hand.

“The rest of you, serve Ms.

Rong well! Remember, record the whole process carefully!”

“Old witch! You will die a terrible death—” Rong Xuelong wanted to stand up and bump into Old Madam Rong, but she was held back by a few men.

“I have to go and meet my legendary granddaughter-in-law.” Old Madam Rong smiled arrogantly.

The door closed and a few men were already tearing Rong Xuelongs clothes.

“Qiu Shuyu, you will die a horrible death! You will receive retribution—” Rong Xuelong struggled desperately, and the ropes on her body and hands were bleeding.

“Kill me if you have the guts!”

When her outerwear was completely torn, Rong Xuelong only had two thoughts in her mind.

One was Su Yanyuns safety.

Secondly, if she had known that there would be such a disaster today, she would have gone to the nightclub to book 8 or 10 top-quality gigolos.

She would have indulged in music and entered the female industry to film 10 to 20 “love education films”…

It was also to avoid making things so miserable today!


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