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Because he was really nice to her…

After her Fathers death, no second man in the world had treated her so well.

“Humph, look at your happy appearance.” Zheng Xin hummed.

“If youre doing well, then forget it.

If that guy dares to disappoint you, I will expose his impotence!”

When she first knew that Song Zhifei was impotent, Zheng Xin had scolded Su Yanyun severely and asked her to leave that “fake man” for her future.

But Su Yanyun had been grateful to him and didnt want to betray him and become a villain.

“By the way, you are pregnant, so shouldnt you be resting at home instead of coming out to work” Zheng Xin was dissatisfied.

“Okay, you talk too much.” Su Yanyun didnt dare to say that she had a little fight with her husband.

With Zheng Xins irritable temperament, she knew that she wouldnt hesitate to rush over to fight for her.

The two knocked on the editors office door together.

In the office, apart from Editor Huang, a colleague from the entertainment edition, Wang Tong, was also waiting.

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“Youre finally here” Wang Tongs tone was very gentle and his smile was easy-going, but his eyes flashed a bit of mockery.

“Yanyun, when you didnt come to work, we all thought that you were pregnant and stayed at home to rest.”

Before Su Yanyun answered, Zheng Xin took the lead and said, “Okay, now that everyone is here, lets just talk about business.

Didnt the editor say that he had big news”

The editor glanced at Su Yanyun and Zheng Xin.

“Yes, there is big news.

We got a piece of informer information.

Tonight, Young Master Yi and Cheng Tingxue are going to have dinner at the palace gate.”

“How is that possible” Zheng Xin argued first.

“Cheng Tingxue is so vulgar, how could Young Master Yi possibly take a fancy to her Besides, wasnt it rumored that Young Master Yi has a fetishism for women”

“How is Cheng Tingxue vulgar” Wang Tong sneered and retorted.

“She was born into a prestigious family and is even the film queen.

Young Master Yi has mysophobia only for ugly women, who said that he wouldnt like pretty women”

“How much money did Cheng Tingxue give you To make you tout her against your conscience” Zheng Xin revealed indifferently.

Among the people in the entertainment industry, she was the least friendly to Wang Tong.

She could say and do anything to collect celebrity photos secretly for money and could use whatever means for the cover page.

“Zheng Xin, what do you mean” Wang Tongs expression changed.

“I told you that framing someone is illegal! Do you have evidence”

“Why is your reaction so big.” Zheng Xin sneered.

“If youve done nothing wrong, why are you afraid of others talking trivially”

“Enough!” Editor Huang broke off the battle.

Zheng Xin was known as a small canon in finance and economics, and although she talked back against her superiors, she still had strong business capabilities.

Wang Tong was also favored by the boss and couldnt be offended.

So he could only change the topic.

“Su Yanyun and Wang Tong, go to the scene to interview them.

Zheng Xin, support him at the rear.” The editor arranged the work.

“At least one photo of Young Master Yi or Cheng Tingxue must be taken! Itll be best if they are taken in the same frame!”

Rong Linyi rarely took an interview alone, and he was mostly cut off from sensational news.

Whoever could take a private photo of him was enough to dominate the headlines and become the top traffic week.

Better yet, if pictures could be taken of his girl companion, he could then dominate the topic list.

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“No, Chief Editor.” Zheng Xin heard the arrangement and was very opinionated.


Before she finished speaking, Su Yanyun stopped her.

“Its okay, Editor.

I can do it.”


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