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Rong Xuelong was jolted back to her senses by the sound of the car door closing.

Her expression softened.

She smiled.

“What a coincidence.

Grandma, you are also going to look for Tomi to make a gown”

In the car, except for Tomis assistant, who was cowering at the side and didnt dare to make a sound, the rest of the people were all unkind.

Old Madam Rong sat opposite Rong Xuelong and looked at her arrogantly.

On either side of her and behind Rong Xuelong were strong bodyguards in black.

“Youre really becoming more and more promising.” Old Madam Rongs expression was cold.

“You fooled our Rong family with your vixen mother!”

With Old Madam Rongs attitude, Rong Xuelong couldnt possibly use her warm face to stick to someone elses cold ass.

His expression immediately turned cold.

“Grandma, say it.

If theres nothing else, I still have something on.

I wont accompany you.”

Old Madam Rong sneered.

“Do you think you can still go down today Someone! Pass me her phone!”

Rong Xuelong wanted to resist, but she was alone.

Her phone was immediately searched and she was also pressed tightly on her seat.

“Grandma, what are you doing” Rong Xuelong almost yelled.

Was there something wrong with this old womans brain

“What am I doing” Old Madam Rong twisted her lips.

“Xuelong, youre my granddaughter after all, how can you be so bad at learning Helping your brother conceal the matter of Su Yanyun almost ruined our Rong familys bloodline.

Tell me, should I use the family law to punish you”

“Are you crazy!” Rong Xuelong couldnt take it anymore.

“Yanyun is pregnant with your great-grandson.

Shouldnt you be happy What corrupt bloodline Can you have some brains”

“Haha, very good.

Youve finally shown your true colors.” Old Madam Rong smiled deviously.

“You must have scolded me a lot behind my back, right”

Rong Xuelong wanted to say that the scolding behind her back was even worse.

But she was smart and didnt say anything.

Although Old Madam Rong didnt like her, she had never done anything to her.

No matter what, she was still the eldest daughter of her favorite second son…

But today, she suddenly attacked her.

She had stolen her itinerary, intercepted Tomis car, and even confiscated her phone.

As if she had guessed something, Rong Xuelong started to sweat a little…

“Grandma.” She suddenly lowered her body.

“Dont believe in slander.

Su Yanyun is already married to Linyi.

The child in her stomach is definitely our Rong familys.

It cant be anyone elses.

You know Linyi.

Hes so obsessed with cleanliness, how could he possibly…”

“I dont know anything!” Old Madam Rong yelled.

“I only know that theres a promiscuous second marriage woman who wants to swindle our Rong familys Madam! What child Dont you know that youre lying to me Its because Linyi is a cleanliness freak that I know that he cant possibly have anything to do with any woman!”

“Then how do you explain that he can accept Yanyun With his arrogant personality, could he possibly help others raise a child” Rong Xuelong questioned loudly.

“Haha, why Its all to completely control the Rong family! To push his second uncle and his brother out of the Rong familys power!” Old Madam Rong patted the armrest of the seat.

“For power and money, find a pregnant woman and pretend to get married.

Fortunately, at his grandfathers birthday banquet tomorrow night, Ill be the biggest winner.

Am I wrong”

Rong Xuelong was so angry her teeth chattered.

“Old witch!”


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