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“What about the hotels surveillance video” Rong Linyi asked again.

“I wonder if we can get all the surveillance cameras on that floor I remember that all the surveillance cameras in the Jiang familys five-star and above hotel will be preserved for a year.”

“Young Master Yi… there are no surveillance cameras…” His subordinate replied fearfully.

“No Impossible!” Rong Linyi denied resolutely.

“That night, I was also in Sliden.

Can you find Madams room reservation records”

“We can find Madams room reservation records.” His subordinate finally had a question to answer and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then can you get the surveillance footage of Madam going to 1808” Rong Linyi continued to ask.

“We can see the surveillance camera recordings of which room Madam went to.” His subordinate replied.

Before Rong Linyi could ask anything, he changed the topic.

“But… after Madam arrived, all the videos on that floor were gone by 12 PM.”

Rong Linyi was silent.

There was a problem… definitely a big problem…

That night, what happened in Room 1806, which was adjacent to his “date” with Cheng Tingxue

No wonder Madam Rong came to him directly for the surveillance camera recordings.

She must have checked the surveillance cameras, but didnt find anything.

She thought he had taken it…

Did Madam Rong know something

“Check the elevator surveillance cameras.” Rong Linyi thought for a moment and gave this idea.

“Check who went up the 18th floor through the elevator during that time period.

If there are no clues, check again.

Close to the time, check the surveillance cameras in the hotel lobby and see who stepped into the hotel that day.

Dont even let go of a fly!”

The subordinate was a little stunned.

“Young Master Yi, this is a big project.

It might take a week.”

“Ill give you three days.” Rong Linyi decided heartlessly.

“If you dont have enough money, go ahead and ask for more.

What other questions do you have”

“No, no problem.”

Turning around, Su Yanyun tried on a dress with Aunt Chens help.

“Hubby, what do you want to investigate” Su Yanyun usually didnt ask about Rong Linyis matter.

But for some reason, when he mentioned Sliden and the number 1806, she always wanted to ask.

Rong Linyi smiled.

“Its nothing.

Im just playing a game with my mother… This dress is very nice.”

“Is this good” Aunt Chen immediately looked up.

“It happens to be a couples model.

Young Master, do you want to try it”

“Sister Xuelong, Tomis car is already waiting downstairs.” The secretary came and reported.

“Okay.” Rong Xuelong turned off the computer.

“Remember to inform the various department editors of the meeting tomorrow.”

She instructed the secretary a few more things before walking out of the Orange Day door elegantly in her high heels.

Taking out his phone, Jiang Chenglong sent a text message: “Sister Xuelong, Im coincidentally downstairs in your office.

Can I treat you to afternoon tea”

Rong Xuelong didnt mind and replied as she went down: “I have many companies, which one are you talking about”

Outside the building, Tomis familiar van was parked.

Tomi was currently a popular fashion designer in the fashion world.

Many women and celebrities from prestigious families wanted his high-end designs.

Rong Xuelong also relied on her good relationship with him when he was studying abroad to snatch an afternoon during his busy time to choose a gown suitable for tomorrow night.

Tomi was arrogant now and couldnt possibly bring a gown to the door for service.

However, he still opened a back door for Rong Xuelong and was willing to provide delivery services for her to come to the office to choose freely.

Rong Xuelong got into the car and was about to greet the assistant inside when she raised her hand and was stunned.

At the same time, the car door slammed maliciously…


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