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Su Yanyun…

She suddenly had a feeling that her mother-in-law was like a one in a million peerless expert, and she was like a baby that had just been born and was waiting to be fed.

Su Yanyun crossed her fingers.

“Why do I have a feeling that youre all acting and Im the only one alive…”

“Thats why youre the most precious.” Rong Linyi kissed her.

“Okay, call the doctor over to give me a checkup.”

Rong Linyi recovered better than the doctor had expected.

However, he had injured his artery and would not be discharged for at least half a month.

From the chief assistant, Ms.

Su became the chief nurse.

Rong Linyi was not afraid of troubling Ms.


In order to make it easier to summon her, he even got someone to arrange a bed beside his hospital bed.

But Ms.

Su was very self-aware.

Other than the day he woke up and was charmed by his beauty, she had helped him out once.

After that, she stood firm and never fell into the water.

Rong Linyi was curious about where she got her composure from.

But Su Yanyun definitely wouldnt say.

She had secretly asked the doctor what would happen if they acted like a married couple during this period.

The doctor glared at Su Yanyun for two seconds before saying, “If you want your husbands artery to rupture again, you can try.”

Knowing that her indulgence had almost sent her husband to the gates of hell, Su Yanyun was so frightened that her heart pounded rapidly.


Young Master Yi, who was lying on the bed, ordered with his lazy voice.

Su Yanyun sighed in resignation.

She tore a grape from the fruit platter and peeled it for him with her slender fingers before bringing it to his mouth.

Unexpectedly, Young Master Yi didnt appreciate it.

“Use your mouth.”

Su Yanyun… took back the grape and put it in her mouth before slowly giving it to Rong Linyi.

When she was an inch away from him, Rong Linyi suddenly grabbed her neck.

While biting the grape, he also sucked her lips.

As his lips and tongue invaded, the crystal grape was stirred into a ball of sweet fruit meat.

Rong Linyi used the tip of his tongue to press against Su Yanyuns throat, leaving only sweet fruit juice that flowed down the corners of his mouth and was sucked into his mouth with his tongue.

Su Yanyun…

Ahhh, Hubbys condition is really getting worse!

“I have feelings for the hospital.” He looked at her closely, his hot breath landing on her face.

“What” Su Yanyun was confused.

Rong Linyi let go of her neck and looked away.

These days, every time he did anything intimate with her, he would have an illusion.

It was as if he had returned to the time he spent in the nursing home when he was young.

The feeling of crossing more than a decade and connecting two spaces appeared.

“Remember when I told you that I was blind That was when I was a cleanliness freak.” He explained.

“After that, my eyes recovered, but my obsession with cleanliness never recovered.”

Su Yanyun rarely saw him so lonely.

She didnt know what his words had to do with his feelings for the hospital.

She still couldnt help but reach out and hold his hand.

“Youre much better now.

After the nurse finished giving you the injection, you didnt say that you wanted to disinfect your hand.”

Rong Linyi raised his right hand and showed the back of his hand to Su Yanyun.

“Please, Ms.

Su, Im injecting a retention needle.”

“But you havent bathed for at least a few days.

Have you experienced more than seven days without bathing” Su Yanyun widened her eyes at Rong Linyi.

“Uh… no.”

Why did he suddenly feel so dirty

“Hehe, then Ill tell you a secret…”


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