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When Rong Linyi woke up, he felt as if he was pinned down by something and couldnt move.

His hand was the first to recover.

In his hand was a thin and soft hand.

He was stunned for a moment and thought —Yanyun gave birth

The babys hand was already so big

This terrifying discovery made his neck regain consciousness.

He turned around and realized that the person sitting beside him was Su Yanyun.

She sat sideways in the chair with one hand clenched tightly by him.

She tilted her head and actually fell asleep sitting.

How long had she guarded him before she fell asleep

Rong Linyis heart felt warm and fortunate.

He was glad that she was still beside him when he woke up.

As long as he could keep her, any price was worth it…

Perhaps it was because she didnt sleep well, Su Yanyun opened her eyes slowly.

The moment their eyes met, her eyes lit up with surprise.

“Youre awake” She immediately sat up straight and bent down to get closer to him.

“How do you feel Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere Ill call the doctor…”

She was about to get up.

Rong Linyi immediately pulled her back.

He exerted force and the wound was opened, making him scream in pain.

“How are you” Su Yanyun immediately leaned down and asked him anxiously.

Rong Linyi pulled her hand over and placed it on his body.

He said with a slightly hoarse voice, “I havent slept so well in a long time.”

Other than the fact that his wound still hurt, he didnt feel anything different.

“Thats true.

You usually work late.

Although youre young now, you have to take care of your body.” Su Yanyun pouted.

Rong Linyi sighed and was not as tough as usual.

“…Im weak after sleeping for so long.”

“Youve lost too much blood.” Su Yanyun pinched his hand forcefully.

“What on earth were you thinking! What if you hurt your heart”

She felt that her grip was not strong, but Rong Linyi took a deep breath and his body trembled as if he had been electrocuted.

Su Yanyun was so frightened that her voice drifted.

“Whats wrong with you…”

Rong Linyi relaxed his tense muscles and replied faintly, “One more time.

It was so comfortable.”

Su Yanyun was speechless.

Im not playing with you anymore!

She wanted to leave, but didnt dare to break free from Rong Linyis hand.

Rong Linyi saw how angry Ms.

Pufferfish was and teased her even more.

“Yanyun.” He frowned slightly, and his eyes were completely different from before.

“Really, pinch me again.

Maybe Ive really lost too much blood.

Pinching me will help with the blood circulation.”

Seeing that he didnt seem to be lying, Su Yanyun really didnt dare to delay any further and pinched him a few more times.

“Are you better”

“Okay, pinch somewhere else.” Rong Linyis voice was gentle and made people lose their guard.

Su Yanyun immediately pinched his arm from head to toe.

“How about this”

“Not bad, pinch my legs again.”


Yanyun was an honest baby and pinched his legs seriously.

“Are you done”

“Its a little weak…”

“Ive already tried my best.”

“Maybe its because of the blanket.

Put your hand in.”

“Oh okay… ah! What are you doing!”

Su Yanyun only came to a realization after pressing her hand on a tough part of the blanket…

“Hey! You just underwent surgery a few days ago! Stop fooling around…”

“I wont.” The man narrowed his eyes with a dangerous and lustful glint.

“So come up and move yourself.”


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