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She saw a colorful screen and the logo on it.

Jiang Chengxi finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Madam Rong had only opened a high-end fashion page.

He Yueze looked at Su Yanyun deeply and looked away.

“What I want to say is also related to Ms.



Sus mother was in a coma after the car accident and lived not far from my hospital room.

She got to know Xiaoqin because of this and also got to know me after I woke up.

I… I misunderstood that she was single and had a good impression of her…”

Then, he looked back at Su Yanyun deeply.

“Im sorry, Ms.


If I knew about your relationship with Linyi, I definitely wouldnt have done such a rash thing.”

“Brother!” He Xiaoqin never expected He Yueze to say such a thing.

“Have you forgotten who took care of you when you were unconscious Who was the first person you saw when you woke up Why didnt you tell her how you fell in love with her Why didnt you tell her how painful it was”

“Xiaoqin! Enough!” He Yueze yelled.

There was also a hidden pain in his brows, but his eyes were exceptionally firm.

“I said that it was a misunderstanding.

Linyi is still lying inside.

If you really have him in your heart, dont… cause trouble!”

He Xiaoqins face was pale and she almost lost her balance.


Liang Shangqings hypnosis failed just like that… Her brother still had feelings for Su Yanyun, but his feelings for Rong Linyi were stronger than this.

Damn it! If she had known, she would have let Liang Shangqing add another hypnosis to make his relationship with Rong Linyi fade!

Madam Rong had a look of approval in her eyes, but she looked at He Xiaoqin meaningfully.

“Okay, Yueze, you just have to make it clear.

No matter what, youre our Rong familys benefactor.

Your relationship with Linyi is definitely unbreakable.” She comforted He Yueze with a gentle tone.

It was Rong Xuelongs turn.

She was simple.

“Ive already said what I wanted to say.

Yanyun is Linyis person.

She has always lived in the Water Courtyard.

I went to the Water Courtyard to invite Linyi before Grandmas birthday and already knew of her existence.”

“Oh” Madam Rong raised her brows.

“Why do I remember that you even ran to your brothers adultery at your grandmothers birthday banquet”

“That…” Rong Xuelong was at a loss.

Her mother was too shrewd and difficult to deal with, so she could only straighten her neck and say, “I only said that I already knew of her existence and didnt say that I had seen her.

My brother hid her very well.

If you dont believe me, go and ask Aunt Chen and Jiang Tong! ”

Speaking of Aunt Chen.

Madam Rongs expression finally softened.

Su Yanyuns existence was still suspicious despite Rong Xuelongs firm testimony—Aunt Chen, she had actually never reported it to her!

“Rong Xuelong…” Suddenly, Rong Jinghui gritted his teeth and asked, “I only ask you, which of your words are true ”

“Of course its this now.” Rong Xuelong scoffed.

“Only youre so naive to believe the nonsense of Yanyun being my girlfriend.

Im clearly helping your brother protect a woman, okay Your brother went to North America, but you actually…”

Rong Xuelong suddenly stopped.

Rong Jinghuis expression was so dark and scary that she couldnt ignore it.

“What a joke!”

Second Madam Rong laughed and broke the increasingly oppressive atmosphere.


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