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Jiang Yilin was once someone he could touch!

He Yuezes words shocked Su Yanyun.

She subconsciously looked at Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi didnt seem to notice her gaze as he looked at He Yueze with a dark expression.

“Do you think I cant tell what love is”

He didnt retort, he didnt retort… Su Yanyun repeated this sentence in her heart.

In other words, He Yuezes words were not fake…

Was the reason Hubby was willing to be with her really because she could touch him

And the real reason Hubby and Jiang Yilin broke up was because the two of them couldnt touch…

Then, if she couldnt touch her husband one day, would she also… Su Yanyun didnt dare to continue thinking.

“Dont listen to what others say.” Rong Linyi seemed to sense the fear in Su Yanyuns heart and hurriedly explained to her.

“Im the only one to you.

You can feel it yourself, dont care about other peoples gossip.”

“Is she really the only one” He Yueze said resolutely.

“I remember someone once told me that Jiang Yilin is his only one.”

His words and actions seemed like he wanted to break off all ties with Rong Linyi tonight.

“He Yueze!” Rong Linyis good temper was finally exhausted.

A strong murderous intent filled his eyes.

“Dont challenge my bottom line.”

“Linyi, youre in a hurry to draw the line with me.

Why dont you examine your heart first How much do you love Yanyun and how much do you use her for” He Yueze looked straight into Rong Linyis eyes fearlessly.

Others might be afraid of Rong Linyi, but he was not.

They had known each other for many years and were already familiar with each others words and actions.

Rong Linyi scoffed.

“From what youre saying, it sounds like you love her a lot.

You just happened to see her when you woke up and developed a complex.

Do you really understand her Are you familiar with her Taking a step back, so what if you love her”

He suddenly let go of Su Yanyuns hand and reached out to hug her tightly in his embrace, declaring his ownership over her domineeringly.

“No matter how much you like her, the person Yanyun loves is still me.

You should stop your wishful thinking early and dont make everything else absolute.”

The mans chest was broad and sturdy as usual, with an unparalleled sense of security.

Su Yanyuns anxious heart calmed down instantly.

She also reached out her arms and hugged Rong Linyi back.

This action seemed to have finally stabbed He Yueze.

“Does she really love you” He Yueze questioned.

“Rong Linyi, answer me with your conscience.

Is the person that Su Yanyun loves really you You know better than anyone what illness she has, but you took advantage of her ignorance and occupied her heart!”

Rong Linyis expression changed immediately.

“Mu Chenfeng told you” He asked through gritted teeth.

He Yueze didnt think of answering this question and only continued to interrogate Rong Linyi.

“Do you dare to promise that if Yanyun recovers her original knowledge, she will still choose you Do you dare to compete with me openly”

Rong Linyis arm tightened around the woman in his arms.

“Why would I compete with you in such a senseless manner” He sneered.

“Yanyun is my woman, my wife, and the mother of my child.

She is my only partner in this life… forget this life, even in the next life, and the following, no one else can even dream of having her!”


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