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He Xiaoqins words made Su Yanyuns heart skip a beat and made Rong Linyi stop in his tracks.

He turned around and looked at He Yueze calmly, as if to confirm what He Xiaoqin had said.

It was different from the emotional fluctuations she felt when she heard this before.

At this moment, He Yuezes eyes were fixed on Su Yanyun.

He looked worried but also determined.

He Xiaoqin heaved a sigh of relief.

Liang Shangqing had indeed locked his brothers consciousness again.

Tonight, Brother had to make things clear to Brother Linyi.

Even if Brother couldnt snatch Su Yanyun away immediately, it was good as long as Brother Linyi knew that Su Yanyun was a loose woman.

“What do you mean” Rong Linyi asked He Yueze calmly.

“What do you mean by the woman you love”

Before He Yueze could say anything, He Xiaoqin shouted again with a sobbing voice as if she was afraid that he would waver.

“Brother Linyi, dont you know why Brother suddenly woke up”

“Its all because of Yanyun.” She pointed at Su Yanyun.

“Yanyun took care of him every day, read the diary to him, accompanied him and spoke, and woke him up.

Originally, Brother was already dying… Yanyun saved him from the gates of hell.

Yanyuns care and concern for him woke him up again…”

“He Xiaoqin!” Su Yanyun interrupted her.

She never expected He Xiaoqin to misunderstand the matter.

“Im just thanking you for blocking the car for me by visiting your brother for a week.

How is it as romantic as you say I already told you that Im married and pregnant.

What are your intentions by saying this”

With that, she held Rong Linyis finger tightly, afraid that he would let go in anger.

Rong Linyi slowly turned around and looked at Su Yanyun.

“What do you mean by blocking the car”

“Ill tell you in detail when I get back.

Linyi, you just have to believe me.

I didnt come and take care of He Yueze on purpose.

It was all to return He Xiaoqins favor.

She cried so badly back then and said that her brother was about to die.

I also came to take care of Mother every day.

It was purely to return a favor.”

Seeing that Rong Linyi listened to her explanation calmly without any intention of interrupting her, Su Yanyuns heart calmed a little.

He Yueze felt extremely bitter when he heard her desperately trying to distance herself from him.

Neither she nor He Xiaoqin had told him the reason she came to take care of him.

“Dont be afraid.” Rong Linyi felt Su Yanyuns uneasiness.

He raised his hand and stroked her hair.

“You just have to say it clearly.”

Although he was also sour and dissatisfied, he couldnt bear to flare up at her when he saw how anxious she was to defend herself.

He Yueze saw this and seemed to have been agitated by something deep in his mind.

He suddenly frowned.

“Linyi, do you really love Yanyun”

This was the second time he had asked this tonight.

Rong Linyis eyes finally showed a cynical expression.

“Then what do you think is love to me”

“Perhaps youre just infatuated with the feeling of being able to touch someone” He Yueze said sternly.

“In the past, Jiang Yilin was also someone you could touch, so you were willing to be with her.

After she lost this effect, you abandoned her and chose Su Yanyun who you could touch.

Is this really love And not just because she can break your taboo”


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