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“Youre still angry”

Su Yanyun was only halfway across when Rong Linyi quickly walked over and hugged her carefully.

Although he knew in his heart that Baby Yanyun was not such a petty woman,

he was guilty and was always worried that she would have a conflict with him.

Rong Linyi was also secretly shocked when he realized this.

Unknowingly, Su Yanyun had already reached such an important point in his heart, forcing him to lower his dignity and fear her expression.

However, to his relief, Su Yanyun didnt reject his arm.

When he wrapped his arms around her, she leaned softly on his chest.

“Who bullied you” Rong Linyi immediately sensed the truth.

His voice became colder than when he himself had been violated.

Su Yanyun was silent in the familiar embrace for a while, calming her anger slowly.

“Linyi.” She looked up at the man in front of her seriously.

“I want to take back everything in the Su family.”

It was rare to see such a serious woman.

Rong Linyi was silent for a few seconds.

After a while, his hand landed on her shoulder.

“Everything in the Su family is yours to begin with.” He also looked at her abnormally seriously and said with certainty, “No matter who wants to devour you, as long as you want, no one can succeed.”

To be honest, Rong Linyi also felt that he had been negligent.

Su Yanyun was with him originally because of fate, but it continued because of their “needs”.

Rong Linyi was confident that he could give her the best life, make her happy and carefree and dote on her, but he had never asked her what she wanted.

He only followed his own thoughts.

He was good and considerate to her, but he probably never thought deeply about what Su Yanyun really wanted.

Until she said everything she wanted to take back the Su family.

He realized that perhaps this simple and happy woman carried a responsibility and burden he had never realized before.

“Fathers will will only be executed on my 18th birthday and Mothers death before the shares in Xin Chengdu can land in my hands.

Now that Mother is unconscious, I cant touch this portion of the shares nor use it to make decisions in the company.”

Su Yanyuns tone was helpless.

“When Father passed on, Grandma locked me and Mother up when we returned to our hometown and refused to let us eat and drink.

Mother was forced to compromise…”

Rong Linyis hand on Su Yanyuns shoulder tightened.

He found it hard to imagine.

She had actually encountered such a similar familial conflict when she was young.

And clearly, compared to him back then, Su Yanyun and her mother were weaker and faced more difficulties.

“I will return the Su Corporation to you completely.” Rong Linyis tone was firm.

Unlike directly plunging the Song familys business into a quagmire, the simplest method was to make it shrink and sink.

Rong Linyi had promised Su Yanyun to chase the greedy Su Bowang and his family out of the Su family completely without shaking the Su familys foundation and reputation.

In a flash, a plan formed in his mind.

Anyway, he had to help He Yueze regain the He familys decision-making position.

Well, lets do both things together.

Speaking of He Yueze, they had clearly agreed to talk this afternoon.

Rong Linyi had specially vacated the time, but He Yueze had actually canceled the appointment silently…


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