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A crisp sound was heard the moment the chess piece landed on the chessboard.

It was as pleasant as a note.

Rong Linyis knuckles were long and strong.

They rose and fell between the black and white chess pieces.

In a daze, Su Yanyun felt as if he was playing a music note.

His eyes were covered in a black velvet cloth, so he couldnt see her expression.

He could let her hold his chin and admire his perfect edges properly without being afraid of being teased by him.

But Su Yanyuns gaze and admiration did not last.

“Your turn.” Rong Linyis voice sounded.

“Oh…” Su Yanyun blushed as if her thoughts had been seen through by him.

She was relieved that Rong Linyi couldnt see her and hurriedly picked up a chess piece and placed it on the board.

Rong Linyis lips curled into a faint smile that made Su Yanyun suspect that the cloth on his face was just for decoration.

He placed another piece down and said again, “Do you hear it”

“What” Su Yanyun was confused.

Rong Linyis invisible brows seemed to frown.

Su Yanyuns absent-minded behavior seemed to make him a little unhappy.

“The sound, do you hear that The sound of each chess piece landing on a different place is different.” He explained patiently and motioned for her to take action.

Rong Linyis reminder calmed Su Yanyun down.

When she placed the piece, she deliberately closed her eyes.

Indeed, she could tell that the sound of the piece landing was different.

If she and Rong Linyi had played faster, it might really be a beautiful song with a distorted tone.

For a time, neither of them spoke until—

“You lost.” Rong Linyi was the first to speak.

“Not yet!” Baby Yanyun never would have thought that she wouldnt be able to do more than the “blind” player.

Even if Rong Linyi could tell where the chess piece had landed by its sound, wasnt that too illegal

“I, I made a mistake.” Su Yanyun regretted her move.

Rong Linyi smiled.

“Its useless.

You have to go back at least five steps to reverse the situation.”

Su Yanyun… Why didnt he remind me earlier!


“Im not playing anymore!” It was almost lunchtime and Baby Yanyun decided to go back downstairs.

She started to pack the chessboard.

“Wait!” Rong Linyi reached out to stop her.

His finger fell and touched her fingertips.

Su Yanyun was already used to this kind of habitual touch, but Rong Linyi seemed to be shocked and trembled visibly.

Before Su Yanyun realized anything, he had already grabbed her hand.

He used a little too much force, and Su Yanyun screamed in pain.

“It hurts!”

Rong Linyi seemed to be agitated by her voice again.

He was stunned for a long time before he relaxed.

“Im sorry, I was… a little out of it just now.” He softened his grip, but didnt let go of her hand.

“Yanyun, come here.” He said softly.

Su Yanyun put down the chess piece in her hand and walked over obediently.

Rong Linyi held her waist and let her sit on his lap.

“This chess set was given to me by an elder when I was young.

I was sick at that time and couldnt see.” He leaned his head on Su Yanyuns chest and muttered.

“The doctor said that my eyes are fine now, but I might be blind in the future.

After hearing this news, my elder came specially and sent me this chess set.

When I couldnt see anything, I could only pass the time by playing chess.”


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