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In the bathroom, Su Yanyun told Rong Linyi about the depressing gathering.

She didnt expect her husband to be so open-minded.

“This is the departments rule.

You have to go for a gathering when you just joined the department.

Go on, Jiang Tong will arrange for someone to take care of you.

Have fun… Dont drink and come back early.”

“I understand—” Su Yanyun dragged out her words.

“Yes, Hubby.”

Rong Linyi seemed to be laughing softly.

“You only have a few days to be carefree.”

“Hey, what do you mean”

Hubby, what do you mean by that

Why did it seem like there was something bad waiting for her

“Yes, who did you have lunch with today” Rong Linyi asked.

“I had lunch with the die-hard fans of the Yi group.

I heard that Major Yi should only exist in the heavens.” Baby Yanyun reported loudly and clearly.

“I was warned by my fans not to see Young Master Yi.

As the saying goes, seeing Young Master Yi will ruin your life.

Seeing Young Master Yi will ruin your life, and seeing him again will cause your family to be ruined…”

Rong Linyi: “…What nonsense is this.”

He then instructed.

“Okay, come up for lunch every afternoon once youre familiar with your colleagues after a few days.”

If he hadnt been so greedy for this lunch benefit, would he have agreed so readily for her to work in the corporation

Other than the seven people in the team, He Xiaoqin and the two deputy directors were also here.

Yisha hooked her arm affectionately around Su Yanyuns.

On the way to the dining room, she kept close to Su Yanyun.

She only asked about her family background and her relationship with Jiang Tong.

Su Yanyun could roughly guess that the person Jiang Tong had arranged to take care of her was Yisha.

It seemed like Yisha was interested in Jiang Tong.

She basically laughed it off and only said that her aunts cousins sisters brother-in-law knew Jiang Tong and helped her enter the corporation.

Yi Sha turned to ask about the baby in Su Yanyuns stomach.

The group of them quickly arrived at the dining room.

He Xiaoqin had already booked a room.

But when everyone entered, there were already people waiting inside.

When He Yueze looked at Su Yanyun with a smile, Lu Xiaomei was the first to stutter.

“Y-Young Master Ze! Youre the He familys Young Master Ze! Youre the managers brother! Youre awake!”

Su Yanyun saw how agitated she was and asked in confusion, “Arent you a hardcore fan of the Yi group”

Lu Xiaomei was about to faint.

“Although Im a Yi fan, Senior Yueze was once a white moonlight in my heart.

Oh—his passionate and friendly story with Young Master Yi is our Yi fan clubs best-selling book!”

Everyone :”…”

Was it too late to say that she didnt know this infatuated girl

“Yanyun, you have a baby in your stomach.

Its not good to stand for long.

Sit down first.” He Xiaoqin greeted Su Yanyun warmly and deliberately pulled her to He Yuezes side.

Su Yanyun was still pondering over whether to change seats when He Yueze greeted her politely.

“Since you have to work now, I dont think you have the time to go to the hospital often, right”

“But its okay, Im still in the hospital.

Ill help you take care of Auntie.”

Su Yanyun said without hesitation, “Youre not discharged yet”

He Yueze smiled.

His expression was gentle, but his eyes were cold with displeasure.


Yanyun seems to want me to be discharged immediately.

You dont want to see me anymore”

His smiling but cold eyes frightened Su Yanyun.

Suddenly, she couldnt understand what He Yueze meant…


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