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“Young Master, this… they dont know, either.” Aunt Chen knew that the maids had done a terrible disaster, but she also felt like they had been wronged.


Who asked Young Master Yi to assign her to the maids room on the first floor

Wasnt this clearly misleading


Rong Linyi completely ignored Aunt Chens words and walked in front of Su Yanyun.

He stretched out his hand and placed it on Su Yanyuns head.

His wide palms covered her soft hair.

Rong Linyis voice was mild, and he said with a slight smile, “You look good in everything.”

Aunt Chen was shocked by the gentle indulgence shown by Young Master Yi, but she was also slightly relieved.

It seemed that all the maids today had escaped from calamity thanks to Su Yanyun.

After being moisturized by Ms.

Su, Young Master Yi had become less vicious and more humane… This was really a good thing…

Aunt Chen was intoxicated by the change of the Young Master and did not notice how Rong Linyis face turned gloomy again when he turned back.

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He went to the dining table and picked up the cup of coffee.

“If you drink coffee before dinner…” Su Yanyun wanted to persuade her husband.

But just halfway through, her words got stuck.

Because Rong Linyi suddenly spilled the whole cup of coffee on the white curtains by the window.

The dark coffee, like a huge spot, curled up on the white velvet dark fabric.

It was so eye-catching, so… dazzling.

Su Yanyun and Aunt Chen watched on in astonishment.

Rong Linyi leisurely put the coffee cup back on the table.

“Call over all the servants here!” There was a murderous chill in his voice.

“Ask them what is the stain on the curtains!”

This, this, this, this…

Su Yanyun was stunned.

Didnt Hubby put this stain on the curtain

What was he doing

All the servants came over uneasily.

Aunt Chen was sweating.

It seemed that the young master was going to pretend for Ms.

Su, and this group of idiots happened to hit the muzzle themselves…

She couldnt save them, either.

“Youve all worked here for a long time.”

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Rong Linyis silent coercion made all servants unable to lift their heads, and Aunt Chen spoke on his behalf, “The rules here are all known.

The coffee on the curtains, explain it! Who did it!”

Everyone looked at the blooming “coffee flower” on the curtain in horror as if they saw a demon in hell.

They all knew just how much of a clean freak Young Master Yi was.

Usually, when there was just a grain of dust on the ground, it was enough for their bonuses to be deducted, not to mention such a large… stain.

This was simply life-threatening!

After half a minute of silence in the room, Rong Linyi opened his mouth coldly.

“Since none of you can explain it, you are all fired.”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

Talking about getting fired, it was actually an easy punishment after committing such a thing, but everyone here knew clearly that they werent the ones who made this big stain!

Su Yanyun bowed her head silently.

Without saying a word, she also thought that her husband was truly impressive!

She suspected her husband had heard it when the maids had “taunted” her.

Otherwise, how was his manipulation to be explained

After a long while, a maid finally raised her head.

“Young Master Yi, Aunt Chen, I, I know who did it” she said with courage.

“Oh” Rong Linyi looked at her with interest.

“Who was it”


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