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This sentence made Su Yanyun fall from the clouds of her beautiful dream to the concrete ground.

She tightened her grip on Rong Linyis arm, and her blurry eyes suddenly became clear.

There was shock and a little anger in them that she didnt notice herself.

“Didnt you say that youve already broken up with her” Her sleepy voice was still hoarse.

Rong Linyis ears turned soft when he heard that.

But he asked in a teasing manner, “You cant see each other after breaking up”

“No, you cant!” Su Yanyun clutched Rong Linyi tightly.

“That ex of yours clearly hasnt given up on you and wants to get back together with you.

You still want to meet her.

Did you give her a chance Tell me, are you also thinking of cheating”

What a joke.

If she was Rong Linyis ex, she would definitely want to get back together with him, right

She might not even meet such a good man in her next life if she missed him in this life.

She couldnt miss him!

Rong Linyi had never seen his woman like this.

This… jealous expression.

He suddenly felt that Jiang Yilins existence was not a bad thing.

At least, his woman now was so cute that his bones melted.

But he still had a cold expression.

“Are you jealous”

“I, I…” Su Yanyun blushed as her feelings were exposed.” I… Im just defending my rights as your official wife! ”

“Oh” Rong Linyis voice rose and his eyes twitched.

“So you dare to flare up at me now.”

“Im not losing my temper…” Her husbands aura was a little scary, and Su Yanyuns anger diminished by quite a bit.

“Im just communicating with you normally.” ”

“Not bad.” Rong Linyi nodded slightly.

“Youve even learned to tug at peoples hair when communicating.”

“Ah!” Su Yanyun realized that she was grabbing Rong Linyis hair tightly.

Realizing that she had used a lot of force, she immediately let go.

She hid at the bedside and drew circles.

As she drew, she cried.

“Hubby is getting back together with his ex.

Sob, Hubby is irresponsible… He doesnt want me and the baby anymore… Sob, sob, sob…”

Rong Linyi knelt on the bed and slowly climbed over.

He leaned close to Su Yanyuns ear and said in a low voice, “If I got back together with her, would I be here now”

“Who knows!” Su Yanyun glared.

“To put it bluntly, it only takes five minutes.

You can even have finished it in the car.”

Rong Linyi… smiled instead of being angry.

“Five minutes”

When did he only take five minutes!

Rong Linyis smile was filled with anger.


Very good.

Su Yanyun, you have successfully aroused my… desire to conquer you again!

“You, what are you doing!” Su Yanyun was suddenly dragged to the middle of the bed.

Rong Linyi was already on top of her.

Rong Linyi had already taken off the Patek Philippe watch and threw it on the pillow beside Su Yanyuns face.

“Look at the time!” He ordered Su Yanyun.

“Why…” Su Yanyun was in a panic and could only hold on to her pajamas tightly.

“Lets see if its five minutes or fifty minutes!” Rong Linyi gritted his teeth.

“Hubby…” Su Yanyun was about to cry.” Ive already overdone it today.

I cant take it.

Even if I can, the baby in my stomach cant take it either…”

Rong Linyi pinched Su Yanyuns chin.

“Then, answer me.

How long do I take for this kind of job”

Su Yanyun smiled flatteringly.

“Hubby, youre invincible.

You can last for a long time, and your skills are outstanding!”


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