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“Been together less and less and rarely met” Rong Linyi repeated Mu Chenfengs words in deep thought.

“Yes!” Mu Chenfeng said, “Do you see the problem now Ms.

Su lived in the Song family and met her husband every day, there wasnt such a thing asbeing together less.

What this means is that shed really forgotten about him.


Uh… except for his dysfunction.

“Are you done thinking” Mu Chenfeng looked at him expectantly.

“Youre her ideal significant other, while she is the only woman youve been able to touch with no reluctance.”

Both of you are a match made in heaven!

Rong Linyi shut his eyes for a while.

When he reopened them, there was no joy in his eyes, only stone-cold rationality.

“If I continue being in physical contact with her, whats the earliest I can get rid of my compulsion for cleanliness” he asked Mu Chenfeng.

Mu Chenfengs heart sank.

Rong Linyi was more stubborn than hed thought.

“If youre consciously trying to get rid of it, it shouldnt take too long.” He was a little down now.

“Generally, it also depends on how far you want to recover.”

“To the point where I can get along with anyone without any hindrance,” Rong Linyi responded coldly.

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As he guessed…

Mu Chenfeng thought, He still cant let go…

“You can try it out.

It could take months, maybe years.” Mu Chenfeng thought about the gentle woman lying in the room and felt sorry for her.


“But what” Rong Linyi raised his eyebrow.

Mu Chenfeng sighed.

“Linyi, Ms.

Su is your remedy.

When you recover, dont hurt her…”

He was about to say “dont abandon her”, but Mu Chenfeng knew that thatd be an unrealistic request.

“You think too much.”

Rong Linyi got up and patted his shirt down.

What a joke, she was his remedy, how could he possibly hurt her

From now onwards—

“I will only give her—” he said as he pushed open the door,

“—the best I can.”


This time, it was noon when Rong Linyi brought Su Yanyun back to the Lin River Courtyard.

Aunt Chen wasnt alone in the villa.

There were several other housemaids tidying the place too, while Aunt Chen was upstairs, in-charge of the renovation for the master bedroom.

Young Master Yi was a cleanliness freak with high expectations for the housemaids cleaning duties.

The floor was to be mopped daily until it sparkled, and any speck of dust found would mean having the housemaid lose this high-paying job.

Seeing Su Yanyun and Young Master Yi enter the house, all of the housemaids stopped their work for a moment as they looked at the woman before them.

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“Wash up and get a change of clothes before your meal.” Rong Linyi instructed Su Yanyun without even making eye contact with the housemaids.

With that, he casually ordered one of the housemaids.

“Get her a set of clean clothes.”

Su Yanyun already knew about her dear husbands obsession.

After a day out, they were already in contact with dirty particles and needed to change into clean outfits the moment they got home.

Su Yanyun headed for the first-floor housemaid bedroom obediently as she watched Rong Linyi walk up the stairs.

The other housemaids heaved a sigh of relief when they saw where Su Yanyun was headed.

“I was wondering who she was to Young Master Yi.” One of them said with disdain, “Turns out shes just like us.”

“Dont you know Young Master Yi better than that” Another young housemaid mocked.

“How could he lay his eyes on any woman”


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